Norwegen N 125 Atlantik von Haugsholmen bis Volda

Chart ID: NOR 125
Scale: 1:50.000


Product number: 20626


The Map N 125 shows the fjord landscape above Stad. The map is perfect for recovering from the dangerous cross lakes when circumnavigating Stadlandet.  The detailed scale is 1:50000.  As additional map set we recommend N 30 (Haugsholmen - Ålesund) and N126 ( Storfjorden og ytre del med Hjørundfjorden). We print the maps on customer request from the current data sets of the Norwegian Bureau of Hydrography using the print-on-demand (POD) method.

POD maps are excluded from exchange.

The official Norwegian nautical charts are not only suitable for water sports enthusiasts and anglers for navigation but are also very popular with cruise tourists.

For more information on the official Norwegian nautical charts printed by HanseNautic using the print-on-demand (POD) process please click here

Region: Europa, Atlantik, Norwegen
Size: Einzelkarte Papier
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Products near this article

Norwegen N 30 Atlantik vom Leuchtfeucher Haugsholmen bis Ålesund
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N 456 POD
Ålesund havn. - POD cards are excluded from exchange.

Norwegen N 31 Atlantik, von Breidsund bis Fjørtoft
The Map N 31 depicts the archipelago north-west of Ålesund . From Bredsund Ålesund to Fjørtoft everything is to scale. The detailed scale is 1:50.000. As additional

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Norwegen N 126 Atlantik, Storfjord (äußerer Teil), Ålesund und Hjørundfjord
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The Map N 28 shows Bremanger situated at  Frøysjøen on the south side of the mouth of Nordfjord. The detailed scale is 1:50000. As an additional map we recommend N 123 (Nordfjord)

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Floroe havn. - POD cards are excluded from exchange.

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