NV Pilot 6, US East Coast, Maine to Caribbean • Bermuda

Edition: 2018
Edition Date: 31.03.2018
Scale: 1:3.000.000


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Product number: 2360


The Pilot 6 is a planning chart for the east coast of the USA. The Antilles, Cuba and the Caribbean Sea can also be found on this chart.

This folding chart consists of two overview charts:

Chart 1, scale 1: 1.3 million> Nova Scotia to Miami. Bermuda Islands are included.

Chart 2, scale 1: 1.3 million> Caribbean Sea with Bahamas, Antilles, north coast of South America, Panama, east coast of Central America to Cancun and the southern tip of Florida up to and including Fort Myers.

Both charts have drawn in the beacons and ports of call necessary for planning the passage. The North Atlantic currents are marked on the charts with direction and strength. The usual routes including the distances are noted as course lines. The terms are in English. The chart is in the A1 format, folded approx. 15 x 30 cm.

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For Florida and the Caribbean islands, we recommend our detailed atlases in paper and digital so that you are well equipped for your trip in these beautiful regions!

Region: Nord Amerika, Caribbean, Atlantik
Size: Faltkarte
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