C-MAP MAX MegaWide EW-M009 Atlantic European Coasts


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Electronic nautical chart for the northern Atlantic coasts for chartplotters and multifunction displays.


The C-MAP chart EW-M009 covers the Atlantic coasts of Europe incl.. Portugal France all of England Iceland Greenland to Baffin Bay near Canada.


This electronic nautical chart is supplied on an mSD disc which is contained in an SD card adapter. But without the satellite imagery oblique aerial imagery and raster charts usually found in the ""+"" format. These MAX Wide maps have only the proven vector maps stored.


Please refer to the compatibility list or ask us we will be happy to help.

Tip: When ordering your nautical chart always state the make and model of your plotter to avoid incorrect deliveries.

Revocation excluded

These nautical charts are produced by us for you on customer request in order to always provide you with the most up-to-date data. For this reason, the charts are excluded from exchange and revocation.

Region: Atlantik
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Recommended by NV Charts

Recommended by NV Charts

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