Navionics+ Updatekarte (blank) mSD


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Product number: 24296
Manufacturer product number: MSD/NAVU-NU


License to update your Navionics chart with this mSD card. Free choice of Navionics+ coverage!

This Navionics+ Update Card (blank) is an update option for your Navionics+ or Navionics Gold card. You will receive a blank card with the update licence on microSD/SD. This card entitles you together with your old Navionics+ or Navionics Gold (area and memory card type can be any) to update the card independently on your own PC.

Instructions for updating the data on your Navionics card independently.

For a successful update you need:

  • An old Navionics+ or Navionics Gold card
  • Computer (PC) with internet connection and the possibility to install the update software from Navionics
  • Card reader for microSD/SD
  • Your Navionics customer account (can be created for free at for free)

A printed instruction in different languages (also German) is enclosed with the article.

Data carrier

This Navionics+ update card is delivered as a micro-SD card which is inserted in an adapter for SD card slot. Depending on the type/model of the chart plotter use the appropriate card size. Please also keep the adapter with the sticker and the serial number of the chart safe this is important for a possible update with the HanseNautic update service.


Navionics+ charts are compatible with numerous chartplotters and MFD devices of the manufacturers Raymarine B&G Simrad Lowrance or Humminbird. Please refer to the compatibility list for Navionics charts. Navionics charts & updates

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