C-MAP Reveal Nordsee u. Dänemark (North Sea, Denmark) EN-Y300

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Product number: 31816
Manufacturer product number: M-EN-Y300-MS


Electronic nautical chart for the coasts of Germany Denmark Norway to Spitsbergen for the modern chartplotters and multifunction displays from Simrad B&G and Lowrance.


The C-MAP Reveal Nordsee u. Denmark (North Sea Denmark) EN-Y300 offers a wide coverage for the holiday areas and fishing grounds in Northern Europe
The following sea areas are included in this electronic nautical chart:

  • German North Sea and Baltic Sea coast from Emden to Usedom
  • Inland areas in Northern Germany incl. Berlin waters
  • Danube waters
  • . Berlin waters
  • Danish islands coasts holiday destinations in the Baltic Sea and on the North Sea from Rømø via Skagen and the Limfjord Fyn Copenhagen to Bornholm
  • Sweden with Western Archipelago (Gothenburg) and Sydkysten (Skåne)
  • Norway from Oslo to the North Cape incl. all fjords and Lofoten
  • Spitsbergen (Svalbard) as well as Jan Mayen and Bear Island
  • Shetland Islands

This coverage includes all areas popular with water sports enthusiasts in northern Europe and allows long and extensive journeys through Scandinavia the North Sea and the North Atlantic with one map. Smaller fishing boats can be flexibly deployed to different fishing spots in Norway with this Wide coverage.

Features of the new C-MAP Reveal nautical charts

C-MAP offers with the Reveal products high-quality nautical charts with additional benefits for anglers fishermen and demanding navigators. C-MAP Reveal are premium charts with extra display options of nautical and underwater information!

  • Electronic Marine Charts - Vector charts with all nautical information continuous zooming from harbour plan to overview chart
  • Easy Routing gives route suggestions based on the nautical chart data and your user-defined vessel information.
  • Tide information includes high and low tide times and current data. A tide calendar and a current atlas are integrated into the chart
  • RShadow relief representation of the seabed - Three-dimensional image of the seabed and the shore slopes in highest resolution
  • ROfficial raster sea charts - Especially for narrow fairways this representation which is known from paper sea charts offers a better overview of the navigation situation.
  • R Satellite images & aerial photographs provide information on the surroundings of an anchorage or harbour.

R Exclusive to C-MAP Reveal!


This EN-Y300 electronic nautical chart is supplied on an mSD disc which is contained in an SD card adapter.


The C-MAP Reveal North Sea and Norway is compatible with modern chartplotters from Simrad B&G and Lowrance.
Tip: When ordering your nautical chart always state the make and model of your plotter to avoid incorrect deliveries. You can also check the HanseNautic compatibility list to see whether your chart plotter can process the C-MAP Reveal charts.

Revocation excluded

These nautical charts are produced by us for you on customer request in order to always provide you with the most up-to-date data. For this reason, the charts are excluded from exchange and revocation.

Format: mSD-Karte
Size: Wide
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