NV Atlas 12.3: Windward Islands

Edition: 2022/23
Edition Date: 12.07.2022


Product number: 9302
Manufacturer product number: 9783932414558


Martinique to Grenada

4 overview charts 8 area and 18 detail charts.
Format 30x42cm (atlas format) paperback. In English.
Included in the set is a download code for all charts of the area in nv.digital- format for use with the navigation programme "Chart Navigator light" as well as with smartphone/tablet (Apple: iOS/MacOSX Android Windows 7/8/10).

The NV charts are characterised by fine contours and easily distinguishable colour gradations for the depth contours. Turquoise for coral reefs red for the 2-metre line and blue for the 5-m shallow water areas. The graphic representation of topography is particularly important when sailing in Caribbean waters.
Well-marked rivers towns and road maps help to provide a quick overview of the coastline and shore-based utilities. Waypoints marked in red with coordinates in the WGS84 system help skippers on board and enable reliable waypoint navigation with GPS devices and chartplotters. Elevations and depths are in the internationally recognised metre format. Numerous detailed charts with large scales allow safe approach and easy entry into bays anchorages and marinas.

Passage Charts

C0 Caribbean Sea 1: 6500000
C1 Windward Islands 1: 900000
C2 Dominica to St. Vincent 1: 500000
C3 St. Vincent to Trinidad 1: 500000

Coastal Charts

C4 Martinique North 1: 90000
C5 Martinique South 1: 90000
C6 St. Lucia 1: 90000
C7 St. Vincent to Bequia 1: 90000
C8 Bequia to Union Island 1: 90000
C9 Union Island to Grenada 1: 90000
C10 Grenada 1: 90000
C11 Barbados 1: 90000

Detail Charts

C12 Martinique - Fort de France 1: 30000
C13 Martinique - Cul-de-Sac du Marine 1: 20000
C14A St.Lucia - Rodney Bay 1: 15000
C14B St.Lucia - Port Casties 1: 10000
C14C St.Lucia - Marigot Bay 1: 5500
C15 St.Vincent - Southwest Coast 1: 15.000
C16A Canouan - Charlestown Bay 1: 15000
C16B Bequia - Admiralty Bay 1: 15000
C17A Tobago Cays 1: 30000
C17B Union Island - Clifton Harbour 1: 15000
C18A Petit St. Vincent 1: 30000
C18B West Carriacou 1: 30000
C18C Mustique - Britannia Bay 1: 30000
C19 Grenada Southwest 1: 30000
C20A Grenada - St. Georges Approach 1: 10.000
C20B Grenada - Mt.Hartmann Bay 1: 15000
C20C Barbados - Port St. Charles 1: 5000
C20D Barbados - Bridgetown Hbr. 1: 19000
Legend - General Notes p.22

App License: NV Charts App
Region: Caribbean
Size: Atlas
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