NV Niederlande Plotterseekarten

Edition: 2023
Edition Date: 29.04.2023


Product number: 9856
Manufacturer product number: 9856


Maps of the series NL 1 NL 2 NL 3 NL4 NL 6 and NL 7

With this map the Netherlands are completely covered both the coastal waters from Borkum to Oostende as the Ijsselmeer and the inland waters from Maasrticht to Delfzijl.

The maps are supplied on "adapter chips" so the appropriate format is included regardless of whether your chartplotter uses SD or Micro SD cards.

As the charts are not readable on all devices from Simrad Lowrance and B&G please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure.

The SD card or Micro SD contains the digital NV nautical charts of the following series:

  • NV.Atlas NL1 - Borkum naar Oostende
  • NV.Atlas NL2 - Waddenzee
  • NV.Atlas NL3 - IJsselmeer en Randmeren
  • NV.Atlas NL4 - Rijn & Maas Delta
  • NV.Atlas NL5 - Ooster- & Westerschelde
  • NV. Atlas Binnen Nederland NL 6 Waterkaart Nederland Noord Friesland - Arnhem
  • NV. Atlas Binnen Nederland NL 7 Waterkaart Nederland Zuid Arnhem - Maastricht

The nv.plotter charts are stored on SD card and can be used flexibly on the devices according to the Plug & Play principle.
The map image is identical to that of the well-known NV.paper maps. Due to the raster chart display plotters with a screen size of 7 inches or more are recommended.


Lighthouse sectors are precisely displayed main fairways marked with minimum depths red 2-metre line well-presented and editorially prepared content sheet cut-free chart display.

Please note that NV plotter chips are currently only compatible with Navico Group (Simrad Lowrance B&G) instruments. 

  • Lowrance (All HDS series from Gen.1. & 2 & Elite TI)
  • Simrad (NSE NSS NSO and up)
  • B&G (All units Zeus / Vulcan series and up)

Digital plotter charts are an aid only and do not replace an actual paper chart.

Region: Nordsee, Niederlande, Binnen
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