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The new NV Charts App Version 2022 with exciting features

Just in time for the start of the season, it's ready: the new version of the NV Charts app.

Oosterschelde - important changes to lights and buoys

With NV Charts you can always rely on up-to-date navigation data

New NV Charts App Version 2021

Augmented reality and satellite imagery as navigation aids for even better insights and many more new and outstanding features for everyone on the water.

Our new charts for the North Sea are available now!

With the detailed NV Charts for the Netherlands, you get a comprehensive set of charts that is packed with informationfor navigation.

Current Topseller

NV Atlas Chart Box Baltic Sea Region 1-4
For all those who like to save and whose district is called the German and Danish Baltic Sea. With the Baltic Sea Case Series 1-4 our single map sets are offered to you at a special price of 198.00 EU

€229.00* €319.60* (28.35% saved)
NV Binnen 2 Kombipack Berlin & Mecklenburgische Gewässer
Available again by the end of June!If you are drawn to the largest networked water sports area in Europe you should have the inland volume 2 of NV Charts in your luggage. 1117 natural lakes

NV Atlas Croatia HR 2: Vodice to Dubrovnik & Montenegro
Croatia is internationally very popular for tourists and water sports enthusiasts, this is due, among other things, to its numerous ports, the breathtaking nature and the turquoise-blue water. The sou


About NV Charts


Since decades nv charts / NV Verlag are developing nautical charts cartography in the Baltic SeaNorth SeaAtlanticMediterranean and the Norwegian south coast.

With an keen eye on details and precise local knowledge every nautical chart is designed of the best available data. In many cases with own detailed survey data, also outside the main fairways. NV Charts nautical charts are thoroughly corrected and are easy to read. NV Charts nautical charts are remarkably detailed nautical charts of high quality in paper, digital electronic nautical charts on pc / tablet andoid apple ios (with free app), digital plotter SD/microSD cards. Therefore our nautical charts are also the choice of professionals like the US Coastguard.

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