New App Version 2019

For the new season 2019 we have again provided an extensive update for the NV Charts App.

With a combined pack of paper and digital charts, the boating app NV Charts has already inspired many water sports enthusiasts with marine navigation charts for the Baltic Sea and North Sea and, for some time now, also with nautical charts for the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean. Now the boating app has been revised and besides an extended and easier handling as well as new functions, the marine boating charts are now also available as a digital subscription. Those who can do without the updated paper charts, although these are required to be on every boat, you can also purchase the charts digitally in the app as an annual subscription and thus also receive the current updates of the nautical charts directly in the app.

The new vector charts is an absolute highlight of the nautical charts for the Baltic Sea and the presentation with a sophisticated symbol library of outstanding quality. It is especially nice as we have again paid great attention to a well presented marine boating chart. This is why we have buoys and lighthouse names and light signals displayed without extra clicks. Highlighted lighthouse sectors are also a quality feature, which clearly helps to easily understand even complex fairway situations in the digital nautical chart.
The combination with a AIS app connectivity makes this boating app a superior marine navigation app.

With the AIS function in the NV Charts app AIS signals can be displayed in real time on the chart. A Wifi AIS receiver can be connected to the NV Charts app. This way the AIS Class A and B destinations are displayed and the traffic situation can be better assessed. To activate the AIS function in the NV Charts App, you only need to enter the access data for the Wifi AIS router (IP and port) under Settings and you are good to go. This works with any Wifi compatible devices and we have listed some which are tested with the NV Charts App.

Actisense's W2K-1
Weatherdock Wifi compatible Devices

✔ In App Purchases of digital marine nautical charts
✔ Vector nautical charts for the Baltic Sea
✔ Real-time currents in the North Sea and Baltic Sea
✔ Continuous updates
✔ NMEA wind and echo sounder support
✔ AIS Wifi support
✔ Synchronization with other devices

## System requirements for this version
## iOS version 12
## Android version 7.0+
## Windows 10, 8
## Mac OSX 10.13+
(for all older devices the previous version is still available as NV Charts Classic)