Oosterschelde - important changes to lights and buoys

New Lights and Buoys for the River Schelde

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In the course of the river Oosterschelde from the port of Stavenisse via Keeten, Mastgat and Zijpe to the village of Bruinisse, the beacons, fairway buoys and orientation landmarks for navigation and water sports have been restructured. These changes are in force since a few days and with the new update service of the NV Charts also in the sport boat chart set NV NL5 Ooster- en Westerschelde available.

Fairway of river Oosterschelde

Chart of Oosterschelde waterway in Netherland before changes to light, buoys and navigation marks Before After the changes to the navigation marks in Oosterschelde the position and character of lighty, buoys and orientation has changed significantly. After

In the fairway of the Oosterschelde, navigation until September 2021 was strongly oriented on lighthouses on the shore, which were set up as leading or cross lights.
From October 2021, individual lighthouses have been decommissioned and numerous new lateral buoys were laid out. The yachts, ships and motorboats orient themselves in the future at the red and green fairway buoys to follow the Oosterschelde.

South Bank of the Oosterschelde

Detail Chart of Stavenisse Lighthouse in Oosterschelde waterway in Netherland before changes Before After Lighthouse Stavenisse turned off in October 2021 the chart looks different and navigation is done by lateral marks along Oosterschelde fairway. After

On the southern bank of the Oosterschelde the lighthouse Stavenisse was in operation. This cross light was giving orientation for the ships during darkness.
Since October 2021, the lighthouse is extinguished and as a replacement, new green buoys have been placed as a boundary to the starboard side. The position of numerous other navigation marks has been adjusted, so that the fairway of the Oosterschelde continues to be safely navigable.

Transition of river Oosterschelde into Greveling Meer

Detail Chart of Oosterschelde waterway near port of Bruinisse in Netherland before changes to navigation lights Vorher After Lighthouse Bruinisse turned off in October 2021 the chart looks different and navigation is done by lateral marks along Oosterschelde fairway. Nachher

At the transition of the Oosterschelde into the Grevelingen Meer or into the Volkerak the lighthouse Stoofpolder in the village Bruinisse was in operation until recently.
The lighthouse Stoofpolder is extinguished from October 2021 and is replaced by newly deployed lighted buoys in the Oosterschelde. Through the new beacons, safe navigation in the upper part of the Oosterschelde is still possible at night.
These changes affect the NV Charts NL4 and NL5.

How can I make use of these corrections in my NV Charts?

For the current series of NV Charts sport boat chart sets for the Netherlands there is a free update service. As soon as you register via the NV Charts app and activate your current nautical chart, you will receive regular updates for navigation with the app on your tablet. In addition, you will receive an email with correction sheets for the chart atlas (paper nautical charts).