Our new charts for the North Sea are available now!

Ahoy dear water sports friends,

the season preparations, not only in the winter storage, are in full progress and new NV Charts nautical chart series for the Netherlands, edition 2021, are now available!

The German North Sea coast and the Dutch coastal and inland waters are an exciting and challenging boating area. At the same time, the natural area of the Wadden Sea and a complex network of waterways offer a fascinating connected water sports area for motor and sailing boats.

One way to have great nautical charts both in paper format and on your phone or tablet is to use our popular combination of paper and digital nautical charts, with which you get both nautical charts in clever atlas format and digital nautical charts for use in the NV Charts app - in annually updated editions incl. one year update service. The advantage: NV Charts nautical charts are always up to date in both paper and digital.

With the detailed NV Charts nautical charts for the North Sea, you get a comprehensive set of charts that is packed with information for navigation and is constantly updated. As a complete package in the popular and practical atlas format - combined with digital cartography for tablet and/or PC - no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Up-to-date nautical charts are essential not only in the North Sea, which is constantly changing due to the tides. In addition to official news and announcements for mariners, the latest sounding data from the waterway and shipping offices are also incorporated into the NV charts and continuously updated to ensure the best possible and safe navigation. With the included update service you are always well informed about all changes in the sea area throughout the season. Whether under sail or motor - for everyone on the water a lot of important additional information such as lock times and port information cannot only be found on the paper chart but can also be called up via the app and supplemented with your own comments and photos. The app also provides access to current or wind data, which can be overlaid on the electronic chart image in real time. For all water sports enthusiasts who feel at home on the North Sea or want to get to know it, this up-to-date nautical chart set offers the perfect combination of paper and digital.

New in 2021
The NV North Sea charts are available in both raster and vector formats. Furthermore the NV Charts Atlas NL7 for the southern inland waters is available now and thus NV Charts is offering a complete coverage of the Netherlands.

We also offer a large selection of nautical charts and navigational equipment for any region and will be happy to advise you! Get in contact with our experts with any questions regarding electronic or paper navigation.


  • Search function
  • Autorouting
  • Vector and raster charts
  • Community Layer / Points of Interest(POI)
  • Improved logbook and track recording
  • Free online nautical chart preview for planning
  • Online NV Charts web app for trip planning with free nautical charts and port information
  • Navigation alerts and information directly in the NV Charts app


  • Update service
  • Tide tables
  • In App purchases of digital nautical charts
  • Vector nautical charts for the North Sea and Baltic Sea
  • Real-time currents in the North Sea and Baltic Sea
  • Tide forecast and online weather
  • NMEA Wind and Echosounder support
  • AIS connection incl. AIS SART MOB support
  • Synchronization with other devices + file export

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