Preparations for the 2021 season are underway!

We are heading back towards the start of the season and all preparations are in full swing.
Despite the changed conditions, which have also been with us for months now, we are working to the same quality and high standards that you have come to expect from us and are updating our nautical chart sets as usual.

Again there are thousands of changes this season such as new marinas, relocated buoys, changed restricted areas and altered sandbanks and fairways.

We expect the updated charts for the Baltic Sea at the end of February, the new chart sets for the German North Sea and the Netherlands will be released at the end of March.
The French Atlantic coast (FR 1 to FR 7) will also be completely updated this year.

In addition to nautical charts, we are also continuously improving our NV Charts App, always taking into account the feedback and wishes of our customers wherever possible. So you can expect some optimisations and highlights for the year 2021.

We hope that the season - both for you and for us - can start as usual and we are already happy to take your pre-orders.

Stay healthy and look forward to exciting days on the water!

Your NV Charts Team

PS: Discover ports and anchorages for the 2021 season on