„The sea is the last free place on earth.“
– Ernest Hemingway

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Since decades nv charts / NV Verlag are developing nautical charts cartography in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Kattegat, Skagerak and the Norwegian south coast. With an keen eye on details and precise local knowledge every nautical charts is designed of the best available data. In many cases with own detailed survey data, also outside the main fairways. NV Charts nautical charts are thoroughly corrected and are easy to read. NV Charts nautical charts are remarkably detailed nautical charts of high quality in paper, digital electronic nautical charts on pc / tablet andoid apple ios (with free app), digital plotter SD/microSD cards. Therefore our nautical charts are also the choice of professionals like the US Coastguard.

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nv charts will continue to distribute nautical charts and nautical publications in the coming days, weeks, months.23.03.2020 / Olaf Gaedke NV Verlag / nv charts

Our business with the supply nautical charts and equipping ships, yachts and boats with important nautical publications will continue, and accordingly our shipping operations are also running smoothly. Well prepared for the comming water sports season! We have built up stock, updated on the online presenation, freshly printed charts are ready for delivery to customers …

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New Kattegat traffic seperation schemes13.03.2020 / Olaf Gaedke NV Verlag / nv charts

From July 1st new traffic seperation shemes and relocated commercial shipping ways are in force in the Kattegat and off Skagen. These developments are important for the small craft and leisure marine boaters as well, as TSS shall not be crossed, the respective inshore traffic zones are to be used and it is good seamannship …

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NV Charts is racing the Minitransat 2019 with Felix de Navacelle06.08.2019 / Olaf Gaedke NV Verlag / nv charts

Racing the Minitransat is an incredible adventure, but also very demanding in terms of navigation‚Ķ Only GPS coordinates and paper charts are allowed! In my confined living space, surfing at +15 knots along the coast or across the ocean, I need to get a fast and clear sight of my position. nv charts became my …

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