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Netherlands NL 1

Borkum to Oostende

Date of last notice: 23.05.2022

These nautical notices serve to provide additional information, especially for short-term notices, and do not replace the necessary up-to-date paper charts on board. The information is specially tailored to the content in NV nautical charts.

Notice valid: 23.05.2022 until 04.07.2022
The green top garbage can "O 13" is currently not in position.
Notice valid: 12.05.2022 until 24.06.2022

The red spar buoy "O4" has been temporarily retracted.

Shipping is warned.

Notice valid: 22.04.2022 until 22.04.2023
There is an underwater obstruction (container) at approximate position 53°42.555'N 006°32.912'E.

Shipping is warned.

Notice valid: 21.02.2022 until 06.04.2022

The following buoys are displaced:

  • The West Cardinal light buoy at position 53°39.8350'N 006°23.4110'E is about 150m east
  • Light buoy "Riffgat" is about 200m east

The green top buoy "R 3" is gone.

Shipping is warned.

Notice valid: 09.02.2022 until 23.03.2022
At the offshore wind farm Riffgat, the yellow black south cardinal light buoy "R-S3" at position 53°40.6'N 006°26.1'E has gone out.

Shipping is warned.
Notice valid from: 16.06.2021
WARNING: The position of the fairway is very variable! Buoyage not always adjusted promptly.
- Caution especially between buoy SG6 and SG8.
- Not navigable in more than 5 Bft.
- For both directions (inland or seaward): Plan so that you are at the lock at high tide. 
Information on current situation in the fairway: VHF 25
Notice valid from: 16.06.2021

Depth in the area changing continuously differ from the charted soundings and the fairway is subject to regular shoaling.

Notice valid from: 19.02.2020

In the area established around position 53°32.8'N 006°53.9'E with piles rising from the tidal flats, there is no buoys (yellow barrels and red bubbles) due to past storms.

Area now marked by beacons.

Attention and special caution is requested.

The RW buoy H4 at position 53°34,55'N 006°30,20′ E north of Rottumerplaat was temporarily withdrawn.

Affected NV nautical charts: NV DE13 C4
Dated: 26.02.2020