Update Service

Netherlands NL 4

Rijn & Maas Delta

Date of last notice: 22.06.2021

These nautical notices serve to provide additional information, especially for short-term notices, and do not replace the necessary up-to-date paper charts on board. The information is specially tailored to the content in NV nautical charts.

Notice valid from: 16.06.2021
WARNING: The position of the fairway is very variable! Buoyage not always adjusted promptly.
- Caution especially between buoy SG6 and SG8.
- Not navigable in more than 5 Bft.
- For both directions (inland or seaward): Plan so that you are at the lock at high tide. 
Information on current situation in the fairway: VHF 25
Notice valid from: 16.06.2021

Depth in the area changing continuously differ from the charted soundings and the fairway is subject to regular shoaling.