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Binnen 3

Binnengewässer Nördliche Oder & Peene

Date of last notice: 28.03.2022

These nautical notices serve to provide additional information, especially for short-term notices, and do not replace the necessary up-to-date paper charts on board. The information is specially tailored to the content in NV nautical charts.

Notice valid from: 28.03.2022

The bridge will open for a maximum of 15 minutes. The opening of the bridge is desired with the following signals: During the day the flags "A" and "S" are set one below the other. At night, two white lights are shown one below the other or the sound signal (twice long) is given. Recreational boats must indicate their intention to pass about 10 minutes before the bridge opens and stay close to the tail unit.

Phone: +49 38372 70 838 or +49 175 577 36 09.

Changes are possible and will be displayed in the NV Charts App at this locatoion and published at nvcharts.com > Update-service Serie 4.

Bridge opening hours:
*The openings at 05:45 and 20:45 will not be served in the low season from 01.10. to 31.03.  of the following year. The opening at 16:45h will be served in the low season from 01.10. to 31.03. only after previous registration until 15:00h by phone +49 38372 70 838 or +49 175 577 36 09

Passage prohibited
Opening in preperation.

Bridge closed for shipping

Passage allowed if clearance is sufficient
Passage allowed, oncoming traffic blocked
Notice valid: 16.04.2022 until 24.06.2022
Due to the replacement of the Demmin railway bridge, the river section in the area of the railway bridge at km 33.4 will be fully closed from bank to bank for shipping not involved in the construction work on the following dates:
16.04.2022 to 22.04.2022 (continuously for 7 days)
20.06.2022 to 24.06.2022 (continuously for 5 days)
Depending on the weather and the course of events, the time of the respective closure period may change. The closures are indicated with the help of signs and buoys.
Notice valid from: 21.09.2020
According to the customer's report of 21.09.2020, the maximum clearance of the bridge at Wotenik is 2.9m with restrictions. The respective valid water level must be taken into account!

The Peene River, navigable to Malchin, is not limited in height until Anklam. The maintained depth is 2.5m.

Current message:
Reduced depths in the estuary area on the fairway sides

2.3m green side between buoy R1 and buoy R3
2.3m red side in the area buoy R2

Affected NV Charts: NV Serie 4 S42
Dated: 18.02.2020