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Nordsee Serie 9

Seegebiet Skagen bis Rømø & Limfjord

Date of last notice: 19.05.2022

These nautical notices serve to provide additional information, especially for short-term notices, and do not replace the necessary up-to-date paper charts on board. The information is specially tailored to the content in NV nautical charts.

Notice valid from: 02.05.2022
For the time being, the Skarrehage headland is reported to have shifted northward to nearly the bearing line 262.5°.
Water depths in this area are unreliable.
Notice valid from: 04.08.2021
Minimal depths of 2.8m were found in the area.
Notice valid: 01.03.2022 until 31.08.2022
During the period from March to the end of August 2022, dredging will be carried out to build a new pier.
It should be navigated with caution.


From 28 March to the end of September 2022, a mobile platform will be suspended under the northern
side compartment of the bridge. The platform reduces the clearance height in the side bays by approx. 3m. The lower edge of the scaffolding will be marked by a white light at night.

Opening hours:

  • From 1 May to 30 Sept 0500h to 2100h.
    From 1 October to 30 April. 0600h to 1900h.

Opening for pleasure boats every hour on the hour. During the rush hour of city traffic, there may be longer waiting times. The time of the next opening is shown on a display on the bridge.

red-fixed 1 F.R. Passing restricted
red_flash red_flash 2 Fl.R. Preparing comming from east
red-fixed red-fixed 2 F.R. Transit allowed coming from the east
red_flash red_flash red_flash 3 Fl.R. Preparing coming from the west
red-fixed red-fixed red-fixed 3 F.R. Transit allowed coming from the west
Notice valid from: 12.07.2020
Depth at the border of the restricted area west of the green conical Buoy is uncertain. 2m water depth in the 6m area was reported.
Notice valid from: 22.09.2021
At the entrance to Hirsholm harbour, shallow depths of 2.5 m have been reported.
Notice valid from: 01.09.2021

A recreational boat has sunk west of Lendrup Røn. The depth above is approx. 5.2m. 

The site is unconsolidated.

Notice valid from: 07.06.2019
The lighting Fl.R. or Fl.G. on the power poles E-lich Næs Søjord is permanently extinguished.

Notice valid: 10.05.2021 until 30.08.2021
in the period 10 May - mid August 2021 coastal reinforcement will be carried out in the area. The sand will be pumped through pipelines. The pipelines will be buoyed with a green light buoy, Q.G. 2oo m N and S of there western end.
Notice valid from: 05.11.2020
Due to the construction of drilling platforms and other large units along the quayside, the port must be navigated with caution.
The lights are partially shaded by the new buildings, and the width between the pier heads is temporarily restricted.
In a technically complex operation, the 23-metre-high Rubjerg Knude lighthouse was moved approx. 70 m inland from its endangered position at the edge of the dune. As a result, the lighthouse, which has been shut down for decades, can remain in action as a listed landmark and prominent landmark.

Affected NV nautical charts: NV Series 9 C1
As of 10/22/2019.