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Nordsee Serie 10

Seegebiet Sylt, Föhr, Amrum bis Helgoland (Nordfriesische Inseln) & Eider

Date of last notice: 20.05.2022

These nautical notices serve to provide additional information, especially for short-term notices, and do not replace the necessary up-to-date paper charts on board. The information is specially tailored to the content in NV nautical charts.

Notice valid from: 23.08.2021

The green fairway buoy 1 is currently extinguished (without identification).

The shipping industry is asked for increased attention.

Notice valid: 19.05.2022 until 16.06.2022
On 30.05.2022, the Friedrichstadt lock will be temporarily unable to carry out lockings in the period from 07:00 to 09:00 and from 12:00 to 14:00. SH Netz AG will carry out switching work on the power supply. Restrictions in lock operations are to be expected.
For more information during operating hours call 04881/239.
Notice valid: 17.05.2022 until 15.06.2022
The R spar buoy "ST 4" has been relocated to pos. 54°26.881'N 008°21.583'E

Shipping is requested to take note.
Notice valid: 24.03.2022 until 18.09.2022
From 13.04.2022 (preparation for gate removal) until probably mid-September 2022 (re-installation of the gates), emergency lock operation is not possible because a pair of gates is missing.

For more information, please contact Büsum Port (VHF channel 11).

Notice valid: 12.05.2022 until 27.05.2022

The Meldorfer Hafen barrage will be closed due to a construction measure (replacement of dolphins at the pier of the LKN-SH) from Monday, 16.05.2022, approx. 07:52 at low water and reopened on Wednesday, 18.05.2022, approx. 09:17 at water equalization to low water. Passage is not possible. For more information during operating hours call 04832/7181-30.

Notice valid: 04.05.2022 until 13.05.2022
At pos. 54°06.00'N 008°38.78'E gauges have been laid out.
The gauges are marked with a yellow buoy with inscription "ODAS - IfM-Uni HH - TelNr.", Fl(5) 20s.

The shipping is requested to pay attention to.
Notice valid: 04.05.2022 until 13.05.2022
On pos. 54°10.65'N 008°37.34'E gauges have been laid out.
The gauges are marked with a yellow buoy with label "ODAS - IfM-Uni HH - TelNr.", Fl(5) 20s.

The navigation is asked to pay attention.
Notice valid: 06.05.2022 until 30.09.2022

Till 30.09.22 sand flushing takes place on the beach of Utersum, on the southwestern tip of Föhr.

Landing point Utersum 54°42,207'N 008°23,904'E

Sand flushing berth Utersum 54°41,573'N 008°23,680'E

Linking berth Utersum 54°40,792'N 008°24,041'E

Coupling berth Utersum 54°39,999'N 008°24,313'E

 Vehicles deployed:

Hopperbagger "Ask R" (Call sign OYXB2)
Hopperbagger "Embla R" (Call sign OYVG2)
Barge "Gylfe R" (Call sign 5BRL3)
Tug "Loke R" (Call sign OWAX2)
Tug "Rimfaxe R" (Call sign PCON)
Tug "Vidar R" (Call sign OU6596)

The deployed vessels carry signals according to. SeeSchStrO, standby VHF 16/15.

The culvert lines ( every 200m ) and the coupling point are marked with a yellow fired spar buoy acc. to SeeSchStrO Annex1, B.16e.

The navigation is requested to pay attention and attention.

Notice valid: 09.05.2022 until 31.10.2022

For the purpose of sand preflushing, several approx. 1200m long culvert pipes will be temporarily laid on the seabed, each from a floating coupling point to the beach.

Pipes and suction dredgers are marked with yellow buoys in accordance with SeeSchStrO.

The shipping industry is asked for consideration and increased attention.

Notice valid: 03.05.2022 until 12.06.2022
The fairway buoys 74 to 78 have been relocated.
Attention: The map display still shows the old buoy position.

A map update will be made as soon as more current depth data is available.... Until then, navigate with caution in the area by sight according to the buoy position on site.
Notice valid: 01.11.2021 until 18.05.2022

Tel: +49 4332 9915 761

Einfahren verboten
Kein Signal: Ein- und Ausfahrt gestattet.

Aufgrund von Reparaturarbeiten sowie zur Schonung des Bauwerkes steht die Gieselauschleuse vom 01.11.2021 bis zum 31.03.2022 der Schifffahrt nicht zur Verfügung. 

Aufgrund von Bauwerksinspektion am 16.05.22 und 18.05.2022 steht die Gieselauschleuse der Schifffahrt nicht zur Verfügung.

Notice valid: 20.04.2022 until 22.04.2022
On Thursday 21.04.22 will be held from 08:00 to 15:00 here an oil spill drill of the LKN.

Oil booms are used.

Stand-by VHF channels : 11 Husum Port and 16
Notice valid from: 17.05.2021

In the south port of Helgoland there are no mooring pontoons available on the north and east quays. Can only be moored to the sheet pile walls. 

The sanitary facilities are still not open.

Notice valid from: 24.03.2022
North of buoy F10 there are shallow depths in the fairway.

The navigation, especially sports and recreational boating, is asked to pay attention.
Notice valid from: 25.02.2022
At Km 34.2 in the Binneneider broken trees protrude into the fairway

The navigation is asked for increased caution.
Notice valid from: 03.03.2022
The approach buoy Eider (r.w. ISO.4s ) at pos. 54°16,226'N 008°29,255'E has been temporarily replaced by an unfired spar buoy (r.w.).

The navigation is requested to pay attention.
Notice valid from: 10.02.2022
Due to extensive renovation work, the entire Eiderkaje in Tönning, until further notice, closed to navigation.

The shipping industry is asked to pay attention.
Notice valid: 10.11.2021 until 22.11.2021
At position 54°25.3819' N 008°35.4437' E is a demolished buoy stone.

Shipping, especially fishing, is warned.
Notice valid: 10.05.2021 until 16.05.2021

Current general decree of the Pinneberg district from may 10th, 2021:

Access to the island / dune of Helgoland including the port facilities is prohibited for people who want to enter Heligoland for tourist reasons, including sports boat crews.
The ports of Heligoland, including the federal port, are only open to a limited extent.
Private users must have a valid contract for a permanent berth. The boats and ships must be self-sufficient from the port's land facilities. There are no washrooms or toilets available.
The transfer of the boats or the berth to third parties is not permitted. All valid hygiene rules and contact restrictions must be followed.
Due to the construction site in the inland port, refuelling is ONLY possible after prior telephone registration.
After consultation you will receive instructions when and where to refuel.
On-call Mobile: 0151 65865220
Port Shop: 04725-8008980

more information:

Notice valid: 07.06.2021 until 30.09.2021
In the period from 07 June to 30 Sept. 2021, the access lighting strucklahnungshörn (identification. Oc. G. 6s 8m 2M) switched off due to construction work on the west pier.