Update Service

Nordsee Serie 12

Seegebiet Weser Bremen bis Helgoland & Jade

Date of last notice: 20.05.2022

These nautical notices serve to provide additional information, especially for short-term notices, and do not replace the necessary up-to-date paper charts on board. The information is specially tailored to the content in NV nautical charts.

Notice valid: 06.06.2022 until 19.08.2022
n the Elsflether Sand area (Unterweser-km 31.2 to km 28.3 western shore), flushing will be carried out from 06.06.2022 until probably 19.08.2022.

For this purpose, at Unterweser-km 30.4 and km 29.1, one flushing line each will be laid on the bottom between the shore and the edge of the fairway.

The flushing lines will be marked upstream and downstream with a yellow light buoy (Fl. 4s) each. The retractable coupling heads are each marked by a buoy with a white fixed light.

The distance to be kept from the coupling head is prescribed by board sign A.6  in accordance with Annex I SeeSchStrO.

The beach flushing is carried out by a dredger, which picks up the coupling head from the bottom at the western edge of the fairway.

Shipping is instructed to pass the flushing lines with consideration and at a safe distance to the east.
Notice valid: 02.05.2022 until 01.05.2023
Due to large-scale construction work, an area with navigation restrictions has been established around UVG. (Map INT1 N- 2.1)

Navigation is permitted to commercial shipping to and from the plant, as well as to and from the shellfish farms.

For entry and exit from and into the outer harbor "Hooksiel" may pass the buoy H3 south.

Corner points of the area:

A - 53° 38.45' N; 008° 05.20' E
B - 53° 39.09' N; 008° 06.78' E
C - 53° 38.35' N; 008° 07.65' E
D - 53° 37.70' N; 008° 06.01' E
Notice valid from: 23.08.2021

The green fairway buoy 1 is currently extinguished (without identification).

The shipping industry is asked for increased attention.

Notice valid from: 19.05.2022
In the access to the port Fedderwardersiel the Beprickung is partly incomplete as well as damaged.
The shipping is asked for attention.
Notice valid: 13.04.2022 until 03.07.2022

Due to repair and maintenance work, the Oslebshausen lock will be closed to navigation on the following days:

Thu, 31.05.22, 08:30 h - 14:00h (NW Bremen 11:29h)
Mun, 13.06.22, 04:00h - Fri., 17.06.22, 23:00h
Mi., 29.06.22  09:00h -  Sun., 03.07.22 16:00h

Notice valid from: 14.01.2021
There are shallow depths in the Harlesiel mudflat fairway. A continuous passage is not possible.
The Harlesiel mudflat fairway is not buoyed.
Notice valid: 01.01.1970 until 01.01.1970

Between positions:

53° 41.070' N; 008° 05.987' E

53° 40.662' N; 008° 06.222' E

North of the cardinal buoy "Mellum W2", a length of approx. 800m a submarine cable is exposed.

To this stretch between the coordinates, a minimum distance of 100m must be maintained on each side when anchoring or bottom fishing.

Notice valid: 04.05.2022 until 13.05.2022
At pos. 54°06.00'N 008°38.78'E gauges have been laid out.
The gauges are marked with a yellow buoy with inscription "ODAS - IfM-Uni HH - TelNr.", Fl(5) 20s.

The shipping is requested to pay attention to.
Notice valid: 04.05.2022 until 13.05.2022
On pos. 54°10.65'N 008°37.34'E gauges have been laid out.
The gauges are marked with a yellow buoy with label "ODAS - IfM-Uni HH - TelNr.", Fl(5) 20s.

The navigation is asked to pay attention.
Notice valid: 06.05.2022 until 30.06.2022

Due to technical damage, the railroad bridge in Oldenburg-Drielake is temporarily inoperable. The bridge is in a closed state and can probably not be opened for the next few weeks. According to the current state of affairs, commissioning is not to be expected before June 10, 2022.

The bridge passage of the closed bridge can be carried out by shipping with certainly sufficient clearance depending on the tidal water level.

The mean low tidal water corresponds to a water level of 29 cm at the Oldenburg-Drielake shipping gauge. The existing water depth at this level is approx. 2.80 m.

The clearance height at mean low tide is 4.60 m.

The clearance height indicated at the bridge level is decisive.
Notice valid: 22.12.2021 until 31.08.2022

In the Cuxhaven tidal flats, the rescue beacons

and the two waymarkers were reinstalled at the following positions.

a) Lifeguard Beacon 1  53°54.40'N 008°40.07'E

b) Lifeguard Beacon 2  53°54.96'N 008°38.44'E

c) Lifeguard Beacon 3   53°54.70'N 008°37.50'E

d) Lifeguard beacon 4  53°53.95'N 008°36.00'E

e) Lifeguard beacon 5 53°52.70'N 008°34.90'E

f) Lifeguard beacon 6  53°52.62'N 008° 34.13'E

g) Lifeguard beacon 7 53°53.44'N 008°33.80'E

h) Lifeguard beacon 8 53°53.83'N 008°32.96'E

i) Red Waymarker 53°54.42'N 008°38.23'E

j) New Waymarker at 53°53.30' N 008°36.70'E

Caution: The map display of the rescue beacons, signposts and tidelands is currently not up to date and will be adjusted via update service.

Notice valid: 02.05.2022 until 05.06.2022
Due to repair work on the fire support, the Brake leading light (Dir. Iso. WRG. 4s 15m 9-6M) is extinguished until probably 05 June 2022.
In the area from Mittelgrund to St. Margarethen, underwater obstacles in the form of
eel traps, winged buoy traps and the like must be expected outside the designated fairway, especially near the shore.

Navigation, especially recreational navigation, is warned.
Notice valid from: 17.05.2021

In the south port of Helgoland there are no mooring pontoons available on the north and east quays. Can only be moored to the sheet pile walls. 

The sanitary facilities are still not open.

Notice valid: 25.04.2022 until 20.05.2022
Due to maintenance work on the Hunte barrage, the eastern passage opening will be closed to shipping traffic from 25.04.2022 until 20.05.2022.

The passage through the western passage opening of the barrage is to be regarded as the passage of a narrow passage within the meaning of §25 para. 5u.6 SeeSchStrO.

Due to the insertion of the emergency closures, cross currents are to be expected.

Shipping is instructed to pass this area with particular caution.
Notice valid: 16.03.2022 until 16.03.2023

1) Auf Grund morphologischer Veränderungen wurden verlegt:


die unbeleuchtete grüne Spitztonne "EN 1"

without 53° 57.9900' N   008° 28.9000' E


die unbeleuchtete grüne Spitztonne "EN 3"

auf 53° 57.7400' N   008° 29.0530' E


die unbeleuchtete grüne Spitztonne "EN 5"

nach 53° 57.2610' N   008° 29.1350' E


die unbeleuchtete rote Spierentonne "EN 2"

auf 53° 57.9740' N   008°29.0100' E


Neu ausgelegt wurde:


die unbeleuchtete grüne Spitztonne "EN 3 a"

auf 53° 57.5000' N   008° 29.1650' E


Im Elbe- Neuwerk- Fahrwasser sind

mit trockenfallenden Bereichen zu rechnen.


Die Schifffahrt wird um Aufmerksamkeit gebeten.

Entsprechende Kartenberichtigungen erscheinen mit dem Update-Service.

Notice valid from: 24.02.2022
west of lighthouse Alte Weser
At position 53° 51,594' N 008°07,184' E a buoy stone with 40 m chain has been lost. The navigation is asked for attention
Notice valid: 24.01.2022 until 11.03.2022

In connection with the work on the dike bridge, the inland port water level will be lowered to + 0.6 m NN in the period from 24.01.2022 to 11.03.2022.

To obtain an increase in the water level during this period, a notification 72 hours prior to need at the WSA Weser Jade North Sea in Wilhelmshaven is required.
Notice valid: 06.12.2021 until 28.02.2022
From week 49 until probably the end of February 2022, quay B in the east chamber of the sea lock will be shortened by 35m. The start of the area is marked by a sea-cushion fender.
Notice valid: 12.12.2021 until 10.12.2022

Opening hours: (valid from 12.12.2021. to 10.12.2022)

  • 03:00 - 03:15 am
  • 03:55 - 04:07 am
  • 04:30 - 04:45 am
  • 05:44 - 05:56 am
  • 06:44 - 06:56 am
  • 07:44 - 07:56 am
  • 08:44 - 08:56 am
  • 09:44 - 09:56 am
  • 10:44 - 10:56 am
  • 11:51 - 12:03 am
  • 12:44 - 12:56 am
  • 13:44 - 13:56 pm
  • 14:44 - 14:56 pm
  • 15:44 - 3:56 pm
  • 16:44 - 4:56 pm
  • 17:44 - 5:56 pm
  • 18:44 - 6:56 pm
  • 19:44 - 7:56 pm
  • 20:44 - 8:56 pm
  • 21:51 - 10:03 pm
  • 22:44 - 22:56
  • 23:44 - 23:59

Bridge openings must be requested using callsign ELSFLETH BRIDGE on UKW channel 73.

Notice valid: 12.12.2021 until 10.12.2022

Opening Hours: (valid from 12/12/2021. to 10/12.2022) 

  • 00:39 - 00:51 h
  • 01:28 - 01:42 h
  • 02:27 - 02:47 h
  • 03:27 - 03:47 h
  • 04:20 - 04:35 h
  • 05:08 - 05:20 h
  • 05:37 - 05:50 am
  • 06:09 - 06:21 am
  • 07:11 - 07:21 am
  • 08:52 - 09:02 am
  • 09:37 - 09:50 am
  • 10:08 - 10:18 am
  • 11:52 - 12:02 am
  • 12:38 - 12:50 am
  • 14:37 - 14:51 pm
  • 16:10 - 16:22 pm
  • 18:08 - 18:20 pm
  • 19:08 - 19:20 pm
  • 19:56 - 20:06 pm
  • 21:40 - 21:52 pm
  • 22:38 - 22:50
  • 23:38 - 23:50

Bridge openings must be requested via the call sign OLDENBURG BRIDGE on UKW channel 73.

Notice valid: 01.11.2021 until 01.11.2022
Between fairway buoys "3" and "5" there are

depths of up to 6.40 m

SKN on the green buoy line.

Navigation is warned.
Notice valid: 05.04.2022 until 10.04.2022

 from 05.04.2022 at 06:00 until probably 10.04.2022 at 06:00 hrs at the road bascule bridge in Huntebrück (Hunte-km 17,8) will be carried outmaintenance work.


During this period, the bridge cannot be opened.


The crossing heightis6.10m based on mean high water.


Shipping is instructed to pass the bridge with special care and only when there is sufficient headroom.

At position 53° 59.1720' N' N 008° 30.3460' E a. new underwater obstruction (presumed fishing gear) was found.

Navigation is warned.
Notice valid from: 12.10.2021
Flow measurements are carried out northeast of Tn. 48/W18 , southeast of Tn. 37 and northeast of Tn. 34. For this purpose, measuring device moorings are laid out, which are marked by yellow-orange bubbles. The navigation is asked to pay attention.
Notice valid: 10.05.2021 until 16.05.2021

Current general decree of the Pinneberg district from may 10th, 2021:

Access to the island / dune of Helgoland including the port facilities is prohibited for people who want to enter Heligoland for tourist reasons, including sports boat crews.
The ports of Heligoland, including the federal port, are only open to a limited extent.
Private users must have a valid contract for a permanent berth. The boats and ships must be self-sufficient from the port's land facilities. There are no washrooms or toilets available.
The transfer of the boats or the berth to third parties is not permitted. All valid hygiene rules and contact restrictions must be followed.
Due to the construction site in the inland port, refuelling is ONLY possible after prior telephone registration.
After consultation you will receive instructions when and where to refuel.
On-call Mobile: 0151 65865220
Port Shop: 04725-8008980

more information:

Notice valid: 10.03.2021 until 26.07.2021

The lighting on the LZ4a “Steinriff” measuring post has failed.

To secure the measuring pile, an N cardinal buoy V.Q. (1) was laid about 1/2 kbl to the north east.

Notice valid from: 02.11.2020
Buoy 43 is now on Position
53°38,5'N 008°25,080'E
Notice valid from: 07.10.2020
The isolated danger mark west of buoy 43 was temporarily withdrawn without replacement.
Notice valid from: 31.12.2020

The bunker station serves exclusively to supply commercial shipping.

Next refueling option for leisure crafts: Wilhelmshaven or Varel (the latter same operator)

The unlit red and white tonne of seal hole (set at 53°57.721'N 008°18.416'E) is not in position.

Affected NV Chart: NV DE11
Dated: 08.01.2020