Update Service

Nordsee Serie 13

Seegebiet Borkum bis Helgoland (Ostfriesische Inseln) & Ems

Date of last notice: 23.05.2022

These nautical notices serve to provide additional information, especially for short-term notices, and do not replace the necessary up-to-date paper charts on board. The information is specially tailored to the content in NV nautical charts.

Notice valid: 23.05.2022 until 04.07.2022
The green top garbage can "O 13" is currently not in position.
Notice valid from: 23.08.2021

The green fairway buoy 1 is currently extinguished (without identification).

The shipping industry is asked for increased attention.

Notice valid from: 22.02.2021
The beprickung to the harbor entrance to Juist is incomplete.
Increased attention is requested.
Notice valid: 13.05.2022 until 13.05.2023
A west cardinal bar has been set at pos. 53°14.124'N 007°24.000'E. This designates two gauging stations.

Shipping is requested to take note.
Notice valid: 12.05.2022 until 24.06.2022

The red spar buoy "O4" has been temporarily retracted.

Shipping is warned.

Notice valid from: 14.01.2021
There are shallow depths in the Harlesiel mudflat fairway. A continuous passage is not possible.
The Harlesiel mudflat fairway is not buoyed.
Notice valid: 09.05.2022 until 09.05.2024

The Baltrumer mudflat fairway has been re-beprickt with a route running south of the old way.

Coming from the west, the route leads south from the red spar buoy "B14". Further beprickt from the south coming to the red spar buoy "B18".

The navigation is asked to use this southern route, and to disregard the ice buoys.

The ice buoys will be retracted shortly. 

The following navigation signs have been adapted to the new course:

The red spar buoy "B 16" has been moved to position 53°42.4738'N 007°22.535'E.

Red unlabeled spar buoys have been relaid at the following positions:

1. 53°42.3020'N 007°22.7156'E

2. 53°42.1439'N 007°22.9412'E

3. 53°42.0829'N 007°23.1059'E.

Navigation is requested to take note.

Notice valid: 06.05.2022 until 06.05.2024
The pole sign "Einzelgefahrstelle Baltrum" is currently not in position.
Notice valid: 05.05.2022 until 05.05.2024
At position 53°41.9906'N 007°24.4978'E is an approximately 1m high unmarked riprap.

The navigation and fishing is asked to pay attention.
Notice valid: 05.05.2022 until 20.06.2022
The green top buoy "O35b" is currently not on target position.

The shipping industry is asked to pay attention.
Notice valid: 17.03.2022 until 17.03.2024

Due to morphological changes, the following buoys were relocated in the northern Busetief:

GRG-Luchttn D9/B2 to: 53°41.856'N 007°08.076'E,

R-Luchttn B4 to: 53°41.748'N 007°07.932'E,

R-Luchttn B6 to: 53°41.616'N 007°07.782'E

R-Spierentn B20 to: 53°39.150'N 007°08.886'E

The navigation is asked to pay attention.

Map corrections for the NV Atlas DE13 will appear with the update service.

Notice valid: 30.09.2021 until 14.03.2024

From 25.11 2021 will take place, among other things, rehabilitation work at the stern of the main navigation opening of the railroad bridge Weener (Friesenbrücke).

In addition, ramming work will be carried out in the former western passage of the bridge.
This passage is immediately closed to all shipping traffic.

North and south of the bridge are lighted dolphins rammed. These serve to protect work equipment or work pontoons during the demolition work on the central pier and the closure of the former bridge passage.

The aforementioned work is carried out by the pile-driving pontoon "Jan". The tug "Gruno" can be contacted on VHF channel 10 or 15 for arrangements with the pile driving pontoon. The work equipment shows signals according to KVR and EmsSchO.

To further secure the deconstruction work, a traffic safety vehicle above and one below the construction site are temporarily on site. These inform the passing shipping about possible obstructions and consideration during the passage of the construction site.
All mentioned vehicles can be reached via VHF channel 10 and 15 respectively.

The instructions of the traffic control vehicles and the instructions of the Ems traffic control center are to be followed.

In the area of the construction site, speed is to be reduced to the lowest possible level for maneuverability during passage.Suction and wave impact are to be avoided.

Shipping is warned.

On 05.04.2022 in the time from approx. 14:00 to 15:30 h the floating crane "ENAK" narrows the fairway . The passage of the narrowing is to be coordinated in time with the traffic center Ems and the floating crane. The individual orders of the river and navigation police authority are to be obeyed immediately.

Notice valid: 14.04.2022 until 30.05.2022
The red spar buoy "D 38 b" in the east buoy was temporarily withdrawn.

Notice valid: 19.10.2021 until 04.04.2022

Operating hours:

From 01.11.2021 there is the possibility to use the Borssum lock by appointment under the
telephone number 04921- 897260.

Notice valid: 13.04.2022 until 25.05.2022
The green top garbage can "O35a" is currently not on target position.
Notice valid from: 17.05.2021

In the south port of Helgoland there are no mooring pontoons available on the north and east quays. Can only be moored to the sheet pile walls. 

The sanitary facilities are still not open.


Due to repair work, the Oldersum lock is immediately until probably 01.04.2022 closed for any shipping traffic.

Operating hours:
Mid-April - mid-October:

  • Mo-Fri 07:00 - 19:00
  • Sa/Su 08:00 - 17:00

Last lockage 1/2 hour before end of operation
Winter months:

lockage only in consultation with lock staff

Notice valid: 30.03.2022 until 31.03.2022

For 30.03.2022 and 31.03.2022, the transfer of the exceptionally large shipyard ship "Disney Wish" on the Ems shipping lane from Papenburg to sea is planned. In the context of the transfer, there will be the following obstructions for shipping on the Ems shipping lane:

During the time in which the shipyard vessel navigates the Emden fairway and the Gatjebogen between buoys 58 and 46, there will be no obstruction for other shipping in relation to the above-mentioned ship in this fairway section.

The ship will be accompanied in the section by a service vessel of the water police.

Further information is provided by EMS Traffic on the known VHF channels.
Notice valid: 14.01.2022 until 14.01.2024

A point of impurity is located at position 53°41.820'N; 007°07.794'E.

Shipping and especially fishing are warned.

Notice valid: 15.03.2022 until 15.03.2024

The following buoys were relocated:

RWR-Anst.-Leuchttn. "Otzumer Balje" to 53° 48.468'N 007° 37.548'E,

G-tip no. "OB1" to 53° 47.268'N 007° 37.9080'E,

R-Spierentn. "OB2" to 53° 48.078' N 007° 38.064'E,

R-spierentn. "OB2a" to 53° 47.754'N 007° 38.118'E,

R-Spiertn. "OB4" to 53° 47.382'N 007° 38.034'E,

R-Spierentn. "OB6" to 53° 47.094' N 007° 38.208'E.

Navigation is requested to pay attention.

Chart corrections for NV Atlas DE13 will appear with the monthly update service.

Notice valid: 15.03.2022 until 15.03.2024

It was relocated:

RW-Luchtn. Accumer Ee to 53°46.836'N 007°25.854'E,

G-Lightn. A1 to 53°45.708'N 007°25.884'E,

R-Spierentn. A2 to 53°46.452'N 007°25.932'E,

R-lightn. A4 to 53°46.122'N 007°26.010'E,

R-Spierentn. A6 to 53°45.726'N 007°26.064'E.

Map corrections for NV Atlas DE13 appear with the monthly Update Service.

Notice valid: 01.03.2022 until 22.04.2022
In the port of Neuharlingersiel maintenance dredging will take place until April 22, 2022.

The shipping industry is asked to pay attention.
Notice valid: 08.03.2022 until 08.03.2024

Relocated to:

GRG light buoy D5/S8 to 53°43,2480'N  007°07,9920'E,

R spar buoy S6 nach 53°43,3080'N  007°07,4340'E,

R-Spierentonne S4 nach 53°43,4520'N 007°06,6540'E.

The navigation is asked to pay attention.

The representation in the nautical chart DE13-C6 will be corrected with the next update service.

Notice valid: 15.02.2022 until 29.03.2022
ACaution: Missing groyne designation in the area Mitling between Unterems km 3 to km 4.

The navigation is warned.
Notice valid: 17.08.2021 until 17.10.2021
From the Leda estuary to the Leer sea lock, the target depths

are undershot by up to 1.8 m in some cases.

Notice valid from: 03.11.2021
Due to technical defects, the Emden railway bridge cannot be opened until further notice.

The railway bascule bridge has been out of operation since mid-October.According to the railway, it does not yet have a timetable for repair.

The bridge will remain closed until April 2022. During this time, work is to be carried out on the machine technology.
Notice valid from: 03.12.2021

The "Great Sea Lock" will be fully closed to all shipping traffic at the following times:

 Fri. 03.12. 2021 and

Mo. 06. 12. 2021 to Tue. 07.12. 2021 each in the period from 07:00 to 14:00

When attempting to open the 1. The first guide dolphin on the starboard side of the seaward access to the "Great Sea Lock" has broken off at a height of -0.8m SKN.

We hereby draw attention to this underwater obstacle.

Shipping and the port industry are requested to be prepared for the traffic restrictions, suction and wave impact in the above-mentioned area are to be avoided.

Notice valid from: 23.03.2020

Both locks from Emden Port listen VHF 13.

From now on the following operating hours are valid for sport and leisure navigation in the Nesserlander Schleuse:

07:00h on request
From Inner
to Outer
From Outer
to Inner
20:00 on request
(coordinated with the opening hours of the DB bascule bridge to the old inland port;
the lock to be used, Nesserlander Lock or Great Sea Lock, is specified by the lock supervisor)

The scheduled times may be postponed depending on commercial shipping and other circumstances.

At both locks further passage possibilities may arise through the joint use of the commercial shipping locks.

Notice valid from: 27.08.2021
At approximate position 53°46,45'N 007°24'E a sailing yacht with a blue hull sank.
Notice valid: 10.05.2021 until 16.05.2021

Current general decree of the Pinneberg district from may 10th, 2021:

Access to the island / dune of Helgoland including the port facilities is prohibited for people who want to enter Heligoland for tourist reasons, including sports boat crews.
The ports of Heligoland, including the federal port, are only open to a limited extent.
Private users must have a valid contract for a permanent berth. The boats and ships must be self-sufficient from the port's land facilities. There are no washrooms or toilets available.
The transfer of the boats or the berth to third parties is not permitted. All valid hygiene rules and contact restrictions must be followed.
Due to the construction site in the inland port, refuelling is ONLY possible after prior telephone registration.
After consultation you will receive instructions when and where to refuel.
On-call Mobile: 0151 65865220
Port Shop: 04725-8008980

more information:

Notice valid: 02.07.2021 until 29.08.2021
On the Lower Ems between km. 23.4 and approx. 23.8 the target depths are partly undercut by approx. 0.80 m.
Notice valid: 26.05.2021 until 26.05.2022
The mudflat fairway 'Wagengat' is from 01.05.-15.09. each year marked with prickling.
Notice valid from: 01.04.2021
At the place marked with obstn there is a free-flooded stone bed, with an approx. 20 cm long drill rod protruding from the center.
Notice valid: 01.02.2021 until 01.05.2021
At buoy TG B, the wrong identifier is switched due to a malfunction.

The bin now has the ISO 10s identifier until it is rectified.
Notice valid from: 19.02.2020

In the area established around position 53°32.8'N 006°53.9'E with piles rising from the tidal flats, there is no buoys (yellow barrels and red bubbles) due to past storms.

Area now marked by beacons.

Attention and special caution is requested.

Notice valid from: 14.04.2021

East of buoy D4 of the Dovetief fairway off Norderney there are not completely covered submarine cables in the following positions:

a) 53°43.896'N  007°12.677'E
b) 53°43.868'N  007°12.729'E
c) 53°43.746'N  007°12.957'E

Shipping has to keep clear of the positions mentioned.

Notice valid from: 01.01.2020
From 01.01.2020, the traffic control center EMS TRAFFIC in the area from the control center to buoy 72 can only be reached on VHF channel 74.

On the Unterems the accessibility on VHF channel 15 remains unchanged.

From 01.01.2020, channels 18, 20 and 21 will be used exclusively for radar advice.

Affected NV Chart: NV DE13
Dated: 18.12.2019
Currently, no prick-setting work has been carried out since the beginning of the year.

Accordingly, the tidal flat heights are not known at present.

The shipping industry is requested to pay attention.

Dated: 21.04.2020