Update Service

Ostsee Serie 6

Seegebiet Polen, Litauen & Lettland

Date of last notice: 25.06.2021

These nautical notices serve to provide additional information, especially for short-term notices, and do not replace the necessary up-to-date paper charts on board. The information is specially tailored to the content in NV nautical charts.

Notice valid from: 30.06.2021
The RW control buoy B (WP5701) is currently without AIS transmission.
Notice valid from: 19.03.2021
In the harbor entrance, both the first red beacon and No. 5 & No. 9 green have gone out until further notice.
Notice valid from: 11.06.2018
Caution: Extensive shoaling reported in the outer harbour of Engure with depths much less than 2m on central leading line (270°). Private marked entrance channel near to the southern breakwater.

Caution: Fish traps reported approx. 2 NM off the shoreline on both sides of the central leading line (270°).

Warning: Approach recommended by daylight only.

Dated: 11.06.2018
Notice valid from: 23.02.2018
There is a draught restriction to a maximum of 2.2m for calls at Dievenow Harbour due to silting approximately 300m off the pier heads.

Up to date information can be obtained from the Harbour Office via VHF channel 10 or tel +48 91 38 13 340.

Affected NV Charts: NV Series 4 HL S43/9
As of 02/23/2018.
Notice valid from: 31.01.2020
A shoal exists in the entrance to the marina in Leba Harbour. Until dredging works are completed, the max. permissible draught for vessels intending to enter or leave the marina is 2 meters at MSL.

All inbound and outbound vessels are recommended to contact the Harbour Office for latest information.

Notice valid from: 14.06.2017
Photo: H. Holzapfel

Attention: In the sea area around Cape Taran unmapped large buoys have been reported repeatedly. Careful lookout and cautious navigation is recommended to avoid collision or dangerous situations.

The buoy shown was reported in June 2017 at pos. 55°14.619'N 019°59.507'E.