Carta Della Laguna Di Venezia

Scale: 1:25.000


Product number: 21095
Manufacturer product number: 978-88-87505-40-5


Carta Della Laguna Di Venezia by Pietro Mariutti

Very clearly laid out and informative nautical chart for the Venice Lagoon and our recommendation for your trip.

The map of the Venice Lagoon, scale 1:25,000, with very detailed bathymetry in the channels and outside the channels. In the channels the depths are indicated by numbers, outside the channels by shades of blue, the legend of which can be found at the bottom of each page. The large size of the map (about 2.00 m x 3.00 m) prompted the publisher to bind it in a volume whose closed format is handy A4. The map is divided into 8 folded tables, to which tables with all marinas, ports and moorings in the lagoon are attached, so that the volume is a combination of a map and a pilot book. The tables include speed limits in the lagoon, while the information pages include a bibliography of useful pages on regulations, laws and tides in the lagoon. The Magistrato alle Acque (Water Authority) surveys are from 2014 and report on all ongoing work, both at the inlets (Moses) and in the rest of the lagoon (salt marsh restoration, etc.). Compared to previous editions, many elements have been added, such as current velocities, tidal delays, and water change times. In addition, new symbols for salt marshes and their functions (wave protection, nutrient supply, fauna, etc.) have been added. Allowable velocities and their limits are indicated in all channels. Bathymetry and data for the new salt marshes have been updated. All practical information has also been updated: Addresses of marinas and clubs, photos of marinas and clubs, signs for inland waters, references to regulations, slips, etc. The graphics of the tables have been changed to make them easier to understand.


  • 8 fold-out DIN A2 map panels at a scale of 1:25,000
  • Including aerial photographs of the marinas
  • Edition 2017 (4th edition)
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