The German inland has fascinated many water sports enthusiasts for decades, no wonder because the canals and inland waters lead through a beautiful landscape. The German NV inland charts cover the Elbe region with its canal connections as well as the Berlin waters and the German-Polish border to Stettin.

Berlin and the Mecklenburg waters are considered to be the largest connected water sports area in Europe with numerous lakes, well-equipped ports and historic cities, which are best traveled with the NV Inland 2 Combipack. If you want to navigate into the capital from the water it is best to do so with the NV Inland 1 Combipack, which also covers the Märkische waters. Along the German-Polish border with the northern Oder and Peene, which are particularly popular for motorboat drivers you need the NV Inland 3 Combipack. The Elbe with its canal connections can be found in the NV Inland 4 Combipack.