The Caribbean is a longing destination for many sailors, which especially attracts in winter with warm temperatures and ideal sailing conditions. The NV Caribbean nautical charts are your reliable navigation partner during your travels - our charts are characterized by quality and detail. The Caribbean is a very special sailing area for us, because the nautical charts were created with excellent knowledge of the area.

The NV nautical charts for the Caribbean include Bermuda (NV Atlas 16.1), the Virgin Islands (NV Atlas 12.1), the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico (NV Atlas 11.1), the Leeward (NV Atlas 12.2) and Windward Islands (NV Atlas 12.3) , Cuba (NV Atlas 10.1-10.4) and the Bahamas (NV Atlas 9.1- 9.3). The Caribbean leaves nothing to be desired: islands, coral reefs, colourful harbours, turquoise water and lonely white sandy beaches lined with palm trees.