Croatia and Adriatic

The long Croatian coast counts as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean and is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world. Greece is also a very popular sailing destination with its islands, unique architecture and historical sites. While the sailing areas in Croatia are characterized by a moderate climate and easy sailing, Greece is recommended for experienced sailors due to the sometimes very strong winds. The NV Croatia and Greece nautical charts are your reliable navigation partner on your travels - our charts stand especially for quality and detail.

The NV nautical charts for Croatia's coast include the area from Trieste in Italy down to Vodice (NV Atlas HR1). From Vodice to Dubrovnik including Montenegro you will find the right charts in the NV Atlas HR2. The NV nautical charts for the Greek sea area cover the areas from the Cyclades to Crete and Athens (GR2) as well as the Ionian Islands and Peloponnese (GR1).

NV Charts has specialized in the production of high-quality nautical charts and first-class navigation software for recreational shipping for decades. The range extends along the coasts of Europe to the Caribbean with an excellent variety of nautical charts in paper and digital form. NV nautical charts offer particularly high-grade cartography with attention to detail, especially outside the main fairway and in natural harbours. Not only is the design unique, the focus is on an easy usability. The nautical charts contain a free access code to the digital nautical charts in the NV Charts app for an ideal addition to the popular NV paper nautical charts.