Spain and Portugal

With the Mediterranean and the Atlantic has Spain a wide variety of sailing areas to offer. In the Mediterranean are the Balearic Islands in particular a very popular water sports regions. Convincing in the Mediterranean are the stable weather conditions with moderate winds, which are also suitable for beginners. The Atlantic coast in western Spain and Portugal is rougher and rockier with higher waves and significantly more wind. The NV Spain and Portugal nautical charts are your reliable navigation partner on your travels - our charts are characterized by quality and detail.

The NV nautical charts for Spain and Portugal cover the Spanish east coast down to Gibraltar (NV Atlas ES1 and ES3), the Balearic Islands (NV Atlas ES2), the Canary Islands to the Azores (NV Atlas ATL3) as well as the Spanish west coast and Portuguese coast (NV Atlas ATL2). If you want to cross the Biscay to the English Channel and explore the Spanish north coast, you need the NV Atlas ATL1.