NV Charts Spain ES1 - Cabo San Antonio to Cabo Creus

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Edition: 2023
Edition Date: 17.04.2023


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With the NV Charts Spain Atlas ES1 you can discover the Spanish Mediterranean coast from Cabo San Antonio to (almost) the French border. Thanks to the clear layout, recreational boaters can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages and are informed of navigationally important details that also appear in the NV Charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal dimensions and balanced sheet sections.

Regions overview

The ES1 starts at Cabo de San Antonio, known in Valencian as Cap de Sant Antoni. Whales and dolphins have already been spotted at this cape near Denia, which is located to the north of Alicante. Denia has a number of yacht harbours and marinas, as it is the shortest route from the Balearic Islands to the mainland. After rounding the cape, the route leads directly to the city of Valencia via the Gulf of Valencia on the coast. This is definitely worth a stopover, as it is known for its mix of modern and historic buildings, among other things. There are countless beaches and many well-equipped marinas to the north of Valencia.
An insider tip is the Ebro Delta, which is still relatively little frequented by tourists. From there, it is not far to Barcelona. The unique architecture and culture of Catalonia should not be missed in the capital. The rest of Catalonia's coastline stretches from Barcelona to the French border. Predominantly rocky and mountainous in the Pyrenees, the coast is characterised by numerous bays, the calas, which often end in shallow sandy beaches. Lots of vegetation and pine forests provide colourful accents. Costa del Garraf, Costa del Maresme and the wild coast of the province of Girona - the Costa Brava - are the names of the coastal stretches that accompany you northwards to the French border. On a peninsula that juts out 10 kilometres into the Mediterranean lies the most eastern point of the Iberian Peninsula - Cap de Creus. This natural park is well worth a visit.

We recommend the ES2, which will take you to the Balearic Islands, or the FR9, which will take you along the French coast towards the Cote d'Azur. However, if you then want to head towards Gibraltar, the ES3 is the perfect travelling companion. We also have suitable door guides for all these regions, which we will be happy to advise you on.

This set of cards includes

  • 4 &sailors
  • 19 territory maps
  • 45 detailed maps
  • Digital charts for navigation program and NV Charts App 356-day licence
  • Navigation instructions in English
  • Harbour plans paper & digital
  • Fulfils all legal requirements for up-to-date paper charts on board

All advantages at a glance

  • NV Atlas chart format: Practical, handy atlas format, opened in A2, closed in A3 format, flat staple binding in the centre - makes it easy to work with the course triangle
  • NV Charts app: including access code to the digital nautical charts of the purchased area in the NV Charts app with 365-day licence, for offline navigation with the app on iOS, Android, PC, Mac or in the web browser, comprehensive harbour manual
  • Extremely detailed: Nautical charts based on data from official surveys and own surveys, particularly detailed outside the main fairways
  • Optimised for recreational boating

Functions of the NV Charts app

  • Flexible autorouting
  • Satellite overlay
  • Augmented reality
  • VMG (Velocity Made Good)
  • BoatView harbour guide
  • Track recording
  • AIS connection and much more.
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Charts and measures included


C 1 Alicante to Rome 1: 1,750,000 , C 2 Cabo San Antonio to Peñiscola 1: 350,000 ,C 3 Peñiscola to Barcelona 1: 350,000 , C 4 Barcelona to Cabo Creus 1: 350,000

District maps

C 5 Cabo San Antonio to Cabo Cullera 1: 150,000 , C 6 Cabo Cullera to Cabo Canet 1: 150,000 , C 7 Cabo Canet to Cabo de Oropesa 1: 150,000 , C 8 Cabo de Oropesa to Pta. de la Baña 1: 150,000 , C 9 Pta. de la Baña to Cabo de Salou 1: 150.000 , C10 Cabo de Salou to Barcelona 1: 150.000 , C11 Barcelona to Cabo de Tossa 1: 150.000 , C12 Cabo de Tossa to Cabo Creus 1: 150.000 , C13 Cabo de la Nao to Olivia 1: 60. 000 , C14 Puerto de Olivia to Cabo Cullera 1: 60.000 , C15 Valencia to Sagunto 1: 60.000 , C16 Puerto de Burrina to Oropesa 1: 60.000 , C17 Peñiscola to Pta. de Baña 1: 60.000 , C18 Garraf to Barcelona 1: 60. 000 , C19 Barcelona to Mataró 1: 60,000 , C20 Mataró to Blanes 1: 60,000 , C21 Blanes to St. Felíu de Guíxols 1: 60,000 , C22 St. Felíu de Guíxols to L'Estratit 1: 60,000 , C23 L'Estratit to Cabo Creus 1: 60,000

Detailed maps

C24A Cadaqués - Portlligat 1: 15,000 , C24B L'Estartit - Isla Medas 1: 15,000 , C24C Bahía de Roses 1: 15,000 , C25A Puerto L'Escala 1: 12,000 , C25B Port d'Aro 1: 17. 000 , C25C Palamós 1: 15,000 , C25D St.Felíu de Guíxols 1: 17,000 , C25E Blanes 1: 10,000 , C25F Barcelona Olímpico 1: 15,000 , C26A Arenys de Mar 1: 10,000 , C26B Balís 1: 10. 000 , C26C Mataró 1: 10,000 , C26D Premià de Mar 1: 6,000 , C26E Badalona 1: 10,000 , C26F Port Fòrum 1: 10,000 , C26G Puerto Ginesta 1: 8,000 , C26H Garraf 1: 7. 000 , C26I Aiguadolç 1: 7,000 , C26J Vilanova i la Geltrú 1: 10,000 , C26K Port Segur 1: 7,000 , C26L Roda de Barà 1: 7,000 , C27A Vinaròs 1: 10,000 , C27B L'Ametlla de Mar 1: 5. 000 , C27C Tarragona 1: 25,000 , C27D Torredembarra 1: 7,000 , C27E Cambrils 1: 8,000 , C27F L'Hospitalet de I'Infante 1: 7,000 , C27G Calafat 1: 5,000 , C27H L'Ampolla 1: 6. 000 , C27I El Masnou 1: 8,000 , C28A El Grao 1: 25,000 , C28B Puerto de Gandia 1: 10,000 , C28C Valencia - America's Cup 1: 10,000 , C28D Valencia - Yacht Hbr. 1: 10,000 , C28E Puerto de Dénia 1: 15,000 , C29A Farnals 1: 10,000 , C29B Las Fuentes 1: 5,000 , C29C-D Jávea - Benicarló 1: 10,000 , C29E Burrina 1: 12. 000 , C29F Canet de Berenguer 1: 10,000 , C29G Port Saplaya 1: 7,000 , C29H San Carles de Ràpita 1: 12,000 , C29I Puerto de Olivia 1: 10,000 , C29J Islotes Columbretes 1: 60,000
Legend - General Notes p.30

App License: NV Charts App
Format: NV Atlas, Gebundener Kartensatz
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