Mediterranean Spain

Steve Pickard

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This new English volume" Mediterranean Spain" replaces the current two-part coverage of Spains Mediterranean coast from Gibraltar to the French border.

All the coverage has been revised with updated text new plans added and others updated from the latest information.
There are numerous new photos to support the sailing directions.

This is the only detailed pilot project for the Spanish Mediterranean coast covering from Gibraltar to the border with France.

It covers a varied sailing area that includes the

  • mountainous Costa del Sol
  • and Costa del Blanca
  • the extensive lagoon of the Mar Menor
  • the low-lying Ebro Delta
  • and the rugged Costa Brava.

In between are several major cities such as

  • Malaga
  • Valencia
  • Tarragona
  • and Barcelona the Catalan capital.

The volume begins with Gibraltar and La Línea.

With Imray maps for the same coastline Mediterranean Spain provides all the necessary data for anyone based in Spain travelling in and out of areas further east or the Balearics or simply exploring this rich and varied coastline and its hinterland.

In English.

Product Info:

Publisher: Imray
Author: RCC/Steve Pickard
Edition: 2nd Edition May 2021
ISBN: 9781786791832
Pages: 400
Format: Large Size

Autor: Steve Pickard
Format: Hardcover / gebunden
Sprache: Englisch
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