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The reliable cruising guide for Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera

The Portbook, the innovative area guide for the Balearic Islands with Mallorca in the centre, was republished in January 2024. Completely revised down to the last detail, with the latest facts and data from autumn 2023, with up-to-date aerial photos and improved harbour plans, maps and texts. With fresh price examples and new restaurant recommendations.
This modern handbook for pleasure boaters shows the uniqueness of the Balearic Islands like no other:

- Large-format satellite images show the location of the islands off the Iberian Peninsula and the distances between them. On the contents page, these images from space provide direct access to large overview pages that precede each coastal section.
- Here you will find all the important harbours and bays at a glance, with aerial photos and a brief description. This allows you to orientate yourself visually and plan your trip better. You can easily see what is coming up.
- Aerial photos also take centre stage when it comes to details. But then in large format so that the skipper and crew can quickly grasp everything important. This is because the information in the text is reflected in the aerial photographs using numbers, letters and symbols.

Cruising suggestions and everything you need to know about sea weather and marinas, anchors and buoy fields round off the port book. As has been the case from the outset, the illustrated book, now almost 400 pages long, is published as a bilingual edition in German and English.

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23 February 2021 22:15

Super Buch

Sicher mit Abstand das beste Buch wenn man in der Gegend unterwegs ist.

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