Bloc Marine: Espagne-Portugal


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Manufacturer product number: 9782916175737


For accurate information on port areas safety at sea and legal requirements in recreational boating the Bloc Marine Espagne-Portugal is a first-class travel companion. It contains more than 350 port plans and also a section with detailed maps for the whole of Spain Portugal and the Balearic Islands.

The ports on the Spanish and Portuguese mainland are completely covered but the Balearic Islands are also represented in this Bloc Marine. Those who d also like to explore the ports of the Canaries the Azores or Madeira will also make a good choice with this book. The respective descriptions are also enhanced with precise aerial photographs of the ports.

An indispensable tool for preparing your cruises and stopovers the Bloc Marine fulfils the legal requirements for keeping prescribed documents on board the ship. The Bloc Marine Espagne-Portugal contains enough prepared pages to keep a detailed logbook. Meteorological explanations and maritime safety advice are also included in this book.

The Bloc Marine Espagne-Portugal is in French and Spanish.

Region: Europa, Mittelmeer West
Size: Softcover, Buch
Sprache: Französisch, Spanisch
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