NV Charts Caribbean 12.1 - Virgin Islands

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Edition: 2023
Edition Date: 27.04.2023


Product number: 9100


With the NV Charts Caribbean 12.1 you have the perfect companion for the Virgin Islands from St Thomas to Sombrero at your side. Thanks to the clear layout, you can find approaches, harbours and anchorages quickly and are informed of navigationally important details that also appear in the NV Charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal dimensions and balanced sheet sections.

Regions overview

The Virgin Islands, divided into the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, are a paradise for sailors. With constant trade winds, clear blue waters and an impressive variety of islands, they are one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world.
To St Thomas the historic town of Charlotte Amalie is well worth a visit. The town is known for its colonial architecture, shopping opportunities and panoramic views from Paradise Point.
The island Jost van Dyke is a popular destination for sailors and has three fantastic anchor bays: White Bay, Great Harbout and Little Harbour. The island was named after the Dutch pirate Joost van Dyke and has just under 300 inhabitants.
The island Sombrero is the easternmost island of this map coverage and belongs to the British Oceania of Anguilla. The uninhabited island is home to numerous rare animal species and is just 1.5 kilometres long, making it easy to explore.
The Virgin Islands region is known for its numerous reefs and shallows. Careful navigation and up-to-date nautical charts are essential.

Tip: With the charts NV Charts Caribbean 12.2 and 12.3 you can also explore the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands to the east. NV Charts Caribbean 11.1 covers the islands west of the Spanish Virgin Islands to the Dominican Republic.

This map set includes

  • 4 sailors
  • 4 territory cards
  • 19 detailed maps
  • Digital charts for navigation programme and NV Charts App 356-day licence
  • In English language
  • Fulfils all legal requirements for current paper charts on board

All advantages at a glance

  • NV Atlas chart format: Practical, handy atlas format, opened in A2, closed in A3 format, flat staple binding in the centre - makes it easy to work with the course triangle
  • NV Charts app: including access code to the digital nautical charts of the purchased area in the NV Charts app with 365-day licence, for offline navigation with the app on iOS, Android, PC, Mac or in the web browser, comprehensive harbour manual
  • Extremely detailed: Nautical charts based on data from official surveys and own surveys, particularly detailed outside the main fairways
  • Optimised for recreational boating

Functions of the NV Charts app

  • Flexible autorouting
  • Satellite overlay
  • Augmented reality
  • VMG (Velocity Made Good)
  • BoatView harbour guide
  • Track recording
  • AIS connection and much more.
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Charts and measures included


C1 St.Thomas to Anguilla 1: 500,000, C2 Puerto Rico to Savana Island 1: 120,000, C3 St. Croix 1: 90,000, C4 Virgin Gorda to St.John 1: 90,000

Territory maps

C5 St.Thomas 1: 60,000, C6 St. Thomas to Tortola 1: 60,000, C7 Tortola to Virgi Gorda 1: 60,000, C8 Anegada to Virgin Gorda 1: 80,000

Detailed maps

C21 A Bahía de Mayagüez - Puerto Rico 1: 40,000, C21B Bahía de Boquerón - Puerto Rico 1: 40,000, C22 San Juan - Puerto Rico 1: 20,000, C23 A Parguera - Puerto Rico 1: 40,000, C23B Puerto Ferro to Puerto Real 1: 30. 000, C23C Ens. Honda Approach - Isla de Culebra 1: 20,000, C24A Bahía de Fajardo - Puerto Rico 1: 15,000, C24B Puerto del Rey - Puerto Rico 1: 10,000, C24C Isabel Segunda - Isla de Vieques 1: 25. 000, C24D Naguabo - Puerto Rico 1: 40,000, C24E Punta Arenas - Isla de Vieques 1: 35,000, C24F Palmas del Mar - Puerto Rico 1: 10,000, C25A Luperón - Dominican Rep. 1: 12. 000, C25B Puerto Plata - Dominican Rep. 1: 15,000, C25C Marina Puerto Bahía - Dominican Rep. 1: 5,000, C25D Ocean World Marina - Dominican Rep. 1: 6,000, C25E Marina Cap Cana - Dominican Rep. 1: 15,000

Legend - General Notes - p.26

App License: NV Charts App
Region: Caribbean
Size: Atlas
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