Greek Waters Pilot

Edition: 13. Auflage 2018


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Brand: Imray
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The cruising guide Greek Waters Pilot by Lucinda and Rod Heikell covers  the entire coasts and islands of Greece.

The guide has been published for almost 30 years and  covers the entire area from the Ionian Islands through the S Aaronic Sea the Aegean Sea Rhodes and Crete and includes details of over 450 ports in a single volume.

This 13th edition is a detailed update of all parts of the Greek Waters Pilot especially the  Ionian and  Saronic Seas and the northern areas of Greece have been travelled by the authors updated and enhanced with numerous photographs and aerial photographs.

The Greek Waters Pilot additionally includes a voucher code to download the relevant digital Imray maps for Greece which can then be viewed in the Imray navigation app.

... his excellent pilots are the yardstick by which all others are measured and its with justification that they are often referred to as the bible. John Goode Sailing Today


This is a respected pilot boasting regularly repeated editions over 30-plus years-an impressive continuation of a high standard.Edward Cartner Cruising Magazine


  • Northern Ionian Sea
  • Southern Ionian Sea
  • The Gulf of Patras and the Gulf of Corinth
  • Evia and the Northern Sporades
  • Northern Greece
  • Eastern Sporades
  • The Dodecanese
  • Crete

Additional Information:

  • Books and Maps
  • Addresses

Product Information:

  • Publisher: Imray
  • Author: Rod and Lucinda Heikell
  • ISBN: 9781846239502
  • 13th edition
  • Format: 30.3 x 21.7 cm

Format: Hardcover / gebunden
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