ADMIRALTY NP58A Norway Pilot Vol 3A

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Official Sailing Handbook English ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions Norway

Covers the offshore and coastal waters of Norway from Risværfjord to the northern part of Vesterålen. This also includes Lofoten.

NP58a is part of the world-wide series of books published by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO). They comply with the SOLAS equipment regulations for commercial shipping. In English with numerous photographs maps sketches and illustrations. 2020 9th edition.


The ADMIRALTY Sailing Direction Norway Pilot (NP58a) provide the following topics in detail for the area:

  • Navigation routes routes and traffic management areas (TSS)
  • Port facilities Quay facilities and berthing information
  • Instructions for port entrances
  • Nautical hazard information
  • Betonning and approaches
  • Climatic background information

Geographical coverage

The maritime area is divided into fourteen sections along the coasts. (See graphic). It includes

  1. Countries Navigation and Regulations
  2. Indreleia
  3. From Vikna to Bremstein and along the northern coast from Rørvik to Ylvingen
  4. From Bremstein to Træna and along the coast from Ylvingen and Sjona
  5. From Træna to Ternholmen and along the coast from Sjona and Støttfjorden
  6. Main route Vetfjorden
  7. From Ternholman to Måløy Skarholmen and along the coast to Støttfjorden and Folda
  8. Coastal along Måløy Skarholmen and Folda to Tranøy
  9. From Tranøy to Ofotfjorden
  10. Lofoten - Røst and Væroy
  11. Lofoten - From Lofotodden to Gimsøya
  12. North side of Vestfjörden -. Henningsværstraumen to Skarvhausen and Tranøy
  13. Waters west of Lofoten
  14. Waters in and around Vesterålen

Cover of NP58a Norway Cover of NP58a Norway

ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions for SOLAS equipment-required shipping

UK Sailing Directions are part of the bridge equipment required on board merchant ships under SOLAS. Depending on the rules of the flag state the necessary official publications and sea manuals must also be on board in addition to the current nautical charts.

ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions are also a useful piece of equipment for navigation on board in non-equipped recreational shipping. Especially in areas where coverage with cruising guides is not possible or not in up-to-date form many skippers resort to the sea manuals.

Numerous illustrations colour photos and sketches facilitate navigation.

Updating the ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions

For the United Kingdom Hydrographic Offices sea manuals the publishers provide free weekly updates on the homepage. These are published as part of the Notice to Mariners. You can also order a subscription for a weekly delivery of the paper version of the Notice to Mariners from your chart suppliers HanseNautic. Feel free to contact us.

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