The new NV Charts App Version 2024 with exciting features

Just in time for the start of the season, it's ready: the new version of the NV Charts app. This year, we got many exciting and practical innovations for you - f. e. the uniquely flexible, Europe-wide autorouting. The menu interface has been comfortably adapted as well to make the app even more pleasant to use.

Flexible autorouting - Europe-wide

As the first app ever, the NV Charts app offers the possibility to manually edit individual segments of an auto-route. This makes trip planning even more flexible and you don't have to recalculate the entire route if you change your plan.

Jeppe Scheidt, app developer and sailor, says of the app:
„The flexible autorouting in the NV Charts app is an ideal addition to conventional planning for everyone on the water! Being able to further edit segments of the route manually now - that's a significant improvement over other navigation solutions."

In addition to this innovation, the coverage of the autorouting has been extended to all of Europe. Narrow passages and other route sections, which are not passable for your boat due to individual ship data, are now displayed in red dashed and catch your eye directly.

Editing segments manually - possible now with the NV Charts app.
Velocity Made Good (VMG) in expert mode.

Velocity Made Good (VMG)

Exciting - not only - for regatta sailors: In expert mode, the VMG calculates the speed at which the next waypoint in wind direction along the planned route can be reached. This value, also known as windward speed, indicates at how many degrees tacking downwind is most effective. The higher the VMG, the faster the destination is reached.

Chart update management

No more researching whether the nautical chart is up to date - the app informs you about revised charts with an update arrow now. This is especially handy if one or more nautical charts were purchased just digitally, e.g. because the paper chart was already bought. In addition, the app automatically renews the charts with the latest one from the series.

With the new "My charts" menu there is now the possibility to use the expiring charts for 7 more days (once per series, except trials).

Digital charts for the app now for Windows and Mac

If the NV Charts App is used on the laptop or PC / Mac, there is now the possibility to purchase digital charts. The charts can be found through the app in the NV Webshop and have a license of 365 days, which is not automatically renewed afterwards.

Get NV Charts App here.

Digital nautical charts for the app on laptop or PC / Mac.

New features & improvements 2024

  • Optimized compatibility for various iOS devices and versions
  • Improved app speed and stability
  • Parallel processing mode improvement

  • Enhanced NV Charts Vector Chart Engine V4
    • Optimized text placement in vector charts
    • Improved colour design vector chart rendering
    • Improved night mode vector chart rendering
    • Improved depth units setting
    • Improved display of drying depth values
    • Improved safety contour and safety depth
    • Improved chart frame display
    • Screenshot function with optimized chart rendering
    • Extended presentation library for inland waters
    • Initial base chart available directly after installation
    • Improved autorouting

  • Improved AIS CPA warning + audio warning
  • Improved AIS night display + AIS information
  • Improved anchor alarm and warning sound + iOS: Critical alerts
  • New folder structure for routes and markers
  • Improved search for coordinates
  • Improved chart rotation
  • New offline availability of wind and current data
  • Improved wind and current menu
  • Improvement wind unit Bf
  • Improvement of tidal curves for the whole year
  • New support of true or magnetic heading sensor support
  • Improvement GPS heading stabilization
  • Improvement empty COG values NMEA

  • Night mode at layer button
  • Help texts in the menu
  • Improved profile image display & profile synchronization
  • Improved colour design of routes & markers
  • Improved orientation of images to markers
  • Improvement hint and tips memory usage popup
  • New in app function to delete user account

App Highlights

  • BoatView – Harbour guide with over 10,000 detailed harbour information (POIs)
  • Vector charts for German North Sea and Western Baltic Sea
  • Europe-wide autorouting
  • Individual autorouting: edit segments manually
  • Convenient chart update management
  • Velocity Made Good (VMG)
  • Automatic update with the latest charts from the series
  • Digital charts for the app in NV Webshop for Windows and Mac
  • Overzoom display note

Further Highlights

  • Satellite overlay
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • In-app purchases of digital nautical charts
  • Logbook and track recording
  • Tide forecast, real-time ocean currents and wind view
  • Updates and navigation alerts directly in the NV Charts app
  • Free online chart preview for planning in the app and NV Charts web app
  • NMEA Wind and Echosounder Support
  • AIS connection incl. AIS SART MOB support
  • Synchronization with other devices and file export

System requirements for this version

  • IOS Version 15.8.2+
  • Android Version 7.0+
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Mac OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra)+

You can find the exact system requirements here.