Norwegen N 19 Südwestküste von Osterfjorden und Sørfjorden

Chart ID: NOR 19
Edition Date: 17.02.2022
Scale: 1:50.000


Product number: 20520


The Map N 19 depicts the fjord world above Haugesund and below Bergen with Osterfjorden and Sørfjorden. The detailed scale is 1:50000. As an additional map set we recommend N 20 (Sunnhordlandsfjord). We print these charts on customer request from the current data sets of the Norwegian Bureau of Hydrography using the print-on-demand (POD) method.

POD charts are excluded from exchange.

The official Norwegian nautical charts are not only suitable for water sports enthusiasts and anglers for navigation but are also very popular with cruise tourists.

For more information on the official Norwegian nautical charts printed by HanseNautic using the print-on-demand (POD) process please click here.

Region: Europa, Atlantik, Norwegen
Size: Einzelkarte Papier
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Recommended by NV Charts

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