NV Atlas Region 2 Lübeck - Bornholm - Copenhagen Single Charts

Edition: 2022
Edition Date: 25.02.2022


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With the current nautical chart set Series 2 we present our neighbouring area. This chart set accompanies you from the Bay of Lübeck along the coast of Mecklenburg cutting into Rügen to Bornholm. From there it s over southern Sweden to Malmö and Copenhagen southeast over Moen Falster and Lolland to Fehmarn back to the starting point.Wonderful cruises are guaranteed with these chart sets. The detailed maps as well as the possibility of digital map download and a harbour pilot book with insider tips round off the package. For water sports enthusiasts who feel at home on the Baltic Sea or who want to get to know our charming Baltic Sea with detours to Denmark and Sweden.The handy recreational boat charts are a set of charts specially designed for recreational boating. Charts for the Lübeck Bay - Bornholm sea area include nautical charts in various scales as well as all port plans and details for approaches and passages in the waters. In addition clearance heights for bridges high-voltage power lines etc. as well as all nautical and navigational information are included. Thanks to the clear structure the recreational skipper can quickly find accesses harbours and anchorages and is pointed to navigationally important details that also appear in the nv charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal scales and balanced page cuts.

This chart set includes

  • 9 oversailers
  • 8 precinct charts
  • 15 detail charts
  • Code for the nv charts App
  • new: Vector charts download
  • nv charts app and navigation software 365 days licence
  • Harbour Pilot in paper/digital in German and English
  • Navigation instructions in German
  • Meets legal requirements for up-to-date paper charts on board



NV Charts navigation app

All NV Charts nautical charts also include an access code to the digital nautical charts in the NV Charts app and can thus be easily downloaded. The charts are valid for 365 days from activation and can be used for offline navigation with the NV Charts app on iOS, Android, PC and Mac or also in the web browser.

The NV Charts app is the ideal addition on mobile devices. With the app, you can already plan a detailed route at home and thus prepare for your journey in the best possible way in conjunction with the paper chart. The app is intuitive to use and, thanks to an identical map image, you can orientate yourself on paper and digitally in a matter of seconds. The most up-to-date information is essential to navigate safely on the water with your sailboat or motorboat.

With the NV Charts app, you now have the opportunity to become part of the chart community. You can mark harbours, anchorages and navigation warnings on the digital nautical chart and also add interesting places beyond navigation, such as restaurants, with pictures and comments and share your experiences with other users. In addition, the NV Charts app offers an automatic routing function, search and all navigation functions for GPS navigation with your phone or tablet. More information at: nvcharts.com/app

More PC navigation apps: NV Verlag / NV Charts nautical charts can also be used in many other nv.digital compatible PC navigation programs such as NV Chart Navigator or Open CPN.

Update - Update

NV Charts offers a monthly revision service
(April to October) for its Baltic Sea Chart Series 1-4 for both paper and digital charts. So you are always up to date.

Map format

The Baltic Sea Chart Series 123 and 4 are available here in conventional A2 Plano format (loose single maps). The plano set is supplied in a plastic cover that protects against splash water.

Our recommendation

As a supplement we recommend series 3 which includes the entire Kattegat up to Skagen and starts north of Copenhagen.

Including maps and scales


Overview map series 2 1:520.000 S 15 Mecklenburg Bay West 1:155.000 S 15A Mecklenburg Bay East 1:155.000 S 16 Møn Southeast 1:155.000 S 23 Sound South 1:140.000 S 24 Møn - Rügen - Ystad 1:230.000 S 24A Ystad - Rügen - Bornholm 1:230.000 S 25 Bornholm 1:140.000 S 25A Hanö Bay 1:260.000


S 13 Fehmarn 1:80.000 S 14 Lübecker Bucht 1:80.000 S 17 Smålandsfahrwasser West 1:80.000 S 18 Smålandsfahrwasser Ost 1:82.000 S 19 Grönsund 1:60.000 S 19A Guldborg Sund 1:60.000 S 20 Fakse Bucht 1:60.000 S 21 Sund Mitte 1:80.000

Detail Maps

S 13A Fehmarnsund 1:30.000 S 14A Wismar Bucht 1:42.000 S 19 Vordingborg 1:25.000 S 19A Nykøbing 1:30.000 S 22 København 1:35.000 S 25 Christiansø 1:12.000 S 25B Die Travemündung 1:10.000 S 25C Untertrave 1:16.500 S 25D Ports of Rostock 1:20.000 S 25D Warnemünde 1:10.000 S 25D Gedser Anst. 1:30.000 S 25E Karrebaek Fjord 1:25.000 S 25E Salzhaff 1:42.000 S 25G Warnemünde Ansteuerung 1:60.000

Empfehlung: Revierempfehlung Deutsche Ostseeküste
Format: Plano & Einzelkarten
Purchase type: One-time
Area preview

With the help of our area preview, you can get an impression of which geographical region the product deals with or which areas a nautical chart covers.

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