Arctic and Northern Waters

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Arctic and Northern Waters - New edition to be published in January 2021

This RCC Pilotage Foundation handbook covers the Northwest and Northeast Passages through the Arctic Ocean as well as the Faroe Islands Iceland and Greenland.

Including information gathered over a series of voyages in recent years this work is an impressive resource bringing together experience and background data on a region that is increasingly accessible not only in the news but also to cruising yachts.

Arctic and Northern Waters is in keeping with the style of other PF pilots and is a handy cockpit reference as well as a source of inspiration for planning. This second edition includes revisions and additional information some of which has already been published in the annual supplement.
There are new photos and port plans.

Product info:

Author: RCCPF Andrew Wilkes
Stock code: IB0209-2
Publisher: Imray
ISBN: 9781846239311
Edition: 2. Edition 2021
Features: Hardcover

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