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Judy Lomax

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Available again as a new edition in July!

A comprehensive cruising guide to the entire Norwegian coastal area from Oslo to Nordkapp and Svalbard.

This RCC cruising guide covers the long and complex coastline of Norway from the Swedish border in Skagerrak to the Russian border including the islands of Lofoten and Vesterålen the Arctic archipelago of Spitsbergen (Svalbard) and the remote volcanic island of Jan Mayen. The work is fully illustrated mainly with the authors photographs and is divided into a general introduction about Norways maritime territory and eight coastal sections describing routes islands fjords harbours and anchorages. The first chapter includes a section on cruise planning with detailed information on Norwegian weather and sailing conditions. The third edition from 2016 includes numerous revisions additional maps photos and information on anchorages not included in the previous edition.


"Any sailor even considering a visit to this one of the most beautiful cruising grounds could be considered negligent if they dont buy this book." - RHR Cruising

A reader commented : "...The author finds it difficult to avoid superlatives when talking about the Norwegian landscape. I find it equally difficult to avoid superlatives when talking about this book. I am impressed. Even most Norwegians can learn many facts from this excellent book. This will remain a classic and new editions will be published in the foreseeable future...."

"For anyone sailing in Norwegian waters this book is an absolute must. It is the perfect example of a truly excellent cruising guide with virtually nothing missing." Christine Holroyd Cruising Association Magazine.

Autor: Judy Lomax
Format: Hardcover / gebunden
Sprache: Englisch
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