Garmin GLO 2 GPS-Receiver with Bluetooth Connection


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Wireless GPS receiver to transmit position data via Bluetooth to tablet laptop or PC to run navigation software.


The GARMIN GLO 2 can receive position data from GPS and GLONASS satellites and transmit them via Bluetooth connection to a device on which a navigation app is used. Positioning and transmission occurs ten times per second (update rate 10 Hz) far more frequently than many chips in mobile devices.

The positioning is done using the GPS satellites and up to 24 additional GLONASS satellites.

The matchbox-sized device is made of sturdy plastic. There are four non-slip rubber feet on the bottom. The unit is not water resistant. When using it in an open boat we recommend a zip-lock bag or similar.

The battery lasts for an extended day trip about 13 hours according to the manufacturer. Otherwise use your on-board power supply or a power bank to extend the runtime. The sensor can also be used while charging.

Advantages over on-device GPS sensors:

  • High refresh rate of 10Hz better and more accurate data
  • Sensor can remain in a location that is optimal for GPS reception. Optimal means clear view of the sky. The navigation device can be used independently within a radius of up to 10m from the Garmin GLO 2.
  • Use of mobile devices indoors is possible if the sensor is placed outside.
  • Battery usage in the mobile device is reduced
  • Redundancy of GPS receiver
  • Also mobile devices without built-in GPS receiver can be used for navigation


The GLO 2 can be used with Apple tablets (iOS operating system) and Windows laptops (Win8.1 or Win10).

A connection with Android devices or with macOS (Apple laptop/PC)  is currently not supported.

Setting up the Bluetooth connection - pairing the devices

The Bluetooth connection between the Garmin GLO and the tablet or laptop is established by pairing the two devices. To do this Bluetooth reception must be activated on the navigation device.

Pairing the sensor works either automatically or in the following steps:

  1. Hold to turn on the sensor
  2. Turn on the other device and activate the Bluetooth function
  3. The sensor must be within range (about 10 metres) of the mobile device
  4. Use the mobile device to pair the sensor with it. The sensor has the device name "Garmin GLO 2 #12345"
    The last digits are the individual device number
The blue LED lights up when the sender has established a connection with the other device. If the sensor has not been able to establish a Bluetooth connection after a few minutes it switches off automatically.




Slowly flashing BlueSearching for mobile devices
Fast flashing bluePairing
Lights blueConnected to mobile device




flashes Slowly flashing orangeCharging in progress
Lights orangeBattery is charging and power is connected
Orange LED offBattery is charging and power supply has been disconnected
Fast flashing orangeBattery low
Alternating orange and greenFaulty battery or system error
Blinking greenGPS-.Satellites being searched
Lights greenGPS satellite signal received


Dimensions: 1.78 x 4.19 x 7.72 cm sturdy plastic housing with non-slip feet. The device is NOT water resistant.
Weight: 60.1g
Battery with 1100 mAh (replacement battery available from Garmin under item number 010-11935-00) According to the manufacturer the fully charged battery has an operating time of approx. 13 hours. The charging process takes approx. three hours.

Scope of delivery:

  • Battery
  • USB charging cable
  • 12Volt car charging cable
  • Documentation in English German French

Additional information for the nv charts app

If the nv charts app does not accept the position data after pairing the GPS receiver you can check the following settings:

  • Apple iOS (tablet or phone). Phone): In the app settings on GPS/AIS set the source to "external GPS (RMC)".
  • Windows 8.1/10 (tablet laptop): The settings at the top left please click on GPS RMC Port and select the value "Auto". This works analogously to a GPS receiver with USB cable. For detailed instructions please find an instruction video here.

Additional information for the TimeZero Navigator and TimeZero Professional

If the connection is not automatically established by TimeZero use the "Connection support" item in the menu. Start the automatic connection configuration and TimeZero will find the COM port of the Bluetooth GPS transmitter Garmin GLO 2. Tip: Pair devices beforehand.

Here you can go to the product presentation of the manufacturer Garmin


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20 February 2024 21:44

super Hilfe mit der App

Danke für die hilfreiche Unterstützung am Tel.

25 June 2022 16:31

Garmin GLO 2 GPS-Empfänger mit Bluetooth Verbindung

Funktioniert perfekt auf meinem Notebook SAMSUNG Galaxy S mit WIN 11 in Verbindung mit der "nv charts App". Die Einrichtung des Empfängers war absolut problemlos und so easy wie oben beschrieben. Dies ist eine komfortable Alternative zu den Kabel-GPS-Mäusen. Du bist im Cockpit einfach flexibler und jedes lose Kabel weniger an Bord erhöht die Sicherheit.

18 June 2021 13:29

Klappt reibungslos mit NV Charts App auf Microsoft Surface Pro

Nutze den Garmin Glo in Verbindung mit einem Microsoft Tablet Surfac Pro, das kein integriertes GPS hat. Auf dem Rechner läuft die NV Charts App und die Positionsangaben kommen per Bluetooth von dem kleinen Garmin Gerät. Das klappt gut und ich brauche kein USB Kabel für 'ne GPS Maus.

24 March 2021 07:58

Schnelle Lieferung und gutes Produkt.

Habe mein Ipad damit nachgerüstet, läuft super in Verbindung mit der NV App

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