nv.digital PT1, Portugal, Gibraltar

nv.digital PT1, Portugal, Gibraltar

Edition: 2015

Format: digital

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nv.digital PT1, Portugal, Gibraltar

Format: Digital USB Stick und App

  • • Passage Charts
  • • Coastal Charts
  • • Details
  • • This Chart Region is based on BA data with a new layout, clear cartography and international chart standards
  • Digital chartkit for Chart Navigator (or nv-digital compatible navigation software) and nv charts App. The product has been derived in part from UKHO (or any other custodian) data and the Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina of Spain.
    The coverage includes the entire northern coast of Spain from St Jean to Vigo.
    The USB stick includes Chart Navigator Light for Windows PC's. The chartkit does not include any paper charts.


PT Gibraltar Harbour 45
PT Puerto de Huelva and Approaches 73
PT Punta Umbria 73
PT Approaches to Faro and Olhao 83
PT Portimao 83
PT Rio Guadalquivir 85
PT Rio Guadalquivir 85
PT Rio Guadalquivir 85
PT Sevilla 85
PT Barra del Rio Guadalquivir 85
PT Bahia de Cadiz 86
PT Cabo Finisterre to the Strait of Gibraltar 87
PT Cadiz 88
PT Cabo de Sao Vicente to Faro 89
PT Cabo Sa Vicente to the Strait of Bibraltar 91
PT Cabo de Santa Maria to Cabo Trafalgar 93
PT Strait of Gibraltar 142
PT Gibraltar 144
PT Strait of Gibraltar to Isla de Alboran 733
PT Gibraltar Bay 1448
PT Algeciras 1455
PT Ria de Vigo 1730
PT Ensenada de San Simon 1730
PT Vigo 1731
PT Ria de Pontevedra 1732
PT Marin and Pontevedra 1733
PT Approaches to Ria de Arousa 1734
PT Entrance Rio Tejo 3220
PT Lisboa 3221
PT Lisboa Alcantara to Canal do Montijo 3222
PT Azinheira 3222
PT Montijo 3222
PT Approaches to Sines 3224
PT Sines 3224
PT Approaches to Aveiro 3227
PT Porto de Aveiro 3227
PT Continuation to Aveiro 3227
PT Approaches to Figueira da Foz 3228
PT Figueira da Foz 3228
PT Continuation of Figueira da Foz 3228
PT Viana do Castelo and Approaches 3257
PT Viana do Castelo 3257
PT Approaches to Leixoes and Barra do Rio Douro 3258
PT Porto de Leixoes and Barra do Rio Douro 3258
PT Setubal and Approaches 3259
PT Setubal Carraca to Ilha do Cavalo 3260
PT Eastern Approaches to the Strait of Gibraltar 3578
PT Islas Sisargas to Río Mino 3633
PT Montedor to Cabo Mondego 3634
PT Cabo Mondego to Cabo Espichel 3635
PT Cabo Espichel to Cabo de Sao Vicente 3636