NV Charts France FR2 - Cherbourg à St. Malo

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Edition: 2024
Edition Date: 20.03.2024


Product number: 9942


If you are drawn to the marvellous Channel Islands, the NV Charts Atlas FR2 is well advised! Thanks to the clear layout, the recreational skipper can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages and is informed of navigationally important details that also appear in the NV Charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimised dimensions and balanced sheet sections.

Regions overview

A cruise to the Channel Islands must be well prepared, because as harmless and romantic as the individual islands are, the crossing can be all the more exhilarating. You should avoid wind versus tide situations and have your own dinghy to get to some of the islands. The coast from Cherbourg to St. Malo offers not only historical sights, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Le Mont-Saint-Michel, but also fantastic beaches and a tidal range of 14 metres in places. This section of the coast also boasts some beautiful little towns that epitomise the very special atmosphere of Brittany. We can particularly recommend Saint-Malo - a town with a historic centre that is completely surrounded by city walls.

As a recommendation for this map set, we have the NV Charts Atlas FR1, which accompanies you from Dunkirk (Dunkerque) to Cherbourg to enjoy the beautiful landscape along the French coast.

This map set includes

  • 3 &sailors
  • 13 territory maps
  • 13 detailed maps
  • Digital charts for navigation programme and NV Charts App 356-day licence
  • Navigation instructions in English and French
  • Tide tables
  • Harbour plans paper & digital
  • Fulfils all legal requirements for up-to-date paper charts on board

All advantages at a glance

  • NV Atlas chart format: Practical, handy atlas format, opened in A2, closed in A3 format, flat staple binding in the centre - makes it easy to work with the course triangle
  • NV Charts app: including access code to the digital nautical charts of the purchased area in the NV Charts app with 365-day licence, for offline navigation with the app on iOS, Android, PC, Mac or in the web browser, comprehensive harbour manual
  • Extremely detailed: Nautical charts based on data from official surveys and own surveys, particularly detailed outside the main fairways
  • Optimised for recreational boating

Functions of the NV Charts app

  • Flexible autorouting
  • Satellite overlay
  • Augmented reality
  • VMG (Velocity Made Good)
  • BoatView harbour guide
  • Track recording
  • AIS connection and much more.
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Charts and measures included


C1 France - Atlantique 1:1,750,000 , C2 Normandy - Ouest 1: 350,000

District maps

C3 Cap Fréhél à Jersey 1: 150,000 , C4 Iles Anglo-Normandes - Ouest 1: 150,000 , C5 Iles Anglo-Normandes - Est 1: 150,000 , C6 St.Cast à la Pte. du Meinga - St. Malo 1: 45,000 , C7 Baie du Mont St. Michel 1: 60,000 , C8 Granville à la Pte. d'Agon 1: 60. 000 , C9 Plateau des Minquiers 1: 60,000 , C10 Pte. d'Agon aux Bancs Félés 1: 60,000 , C11 Jersey 1: 60,000 , C12 Bancs Félés au Cap de Flamanville 1: 60,000 , C13 Guernsey & Sark 1: 60,000 , C14 Cap de Flamanville au Cap de la Hague 1: 60,000 , C15A Alderney 1: 60,000

Detailed maps

C15B Alderney - Braye Bay 1: 15,000 , C16 St. Malo 1: 20,000 , C17A/B La Rance 1: 20,000 , C18 Iles Chausey 1: 25,000 , C19A Cancale 1: 20,000 , C19B Granvile 1: 15. 000 , C19C Diélette 1: 10,000 , C20 Jersey - Grouville Bay 1: 20,000 , C21 Jersey - St Helier 1: 20,000 , C22 Guernsey - Little Russel 1: 25,000 , C23 Cap de la Hague 1: 15,000

App License: NV Charts App
Format: NV Atlas, Gebundener Kartensatz
Area preview

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