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NL 1812 Waddenzee ostblad en aangrenzende Nordzeekust

The Waddenzee covers the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea and extends from the mainland and the final dyke to the offshore islands and is a strong sailing area. For a trip to the Waddenzee it is essential to have up-to-date nautical charts and tidal information with you.

Chart format

Dutch recreational boat charts are handy charts in 52 x 38 cm format. They contain all the necessary map sections for the respective areas in the best scales. They are printed in colour are very clear and as a special feature contain prominent landmarks in graphic representation.


The official nautical charts of the Netherlands Hydrographic Service are reissued at irregular intervals. Mostly the intervals are between 2 and 3 years. One of the disadvantages of these charts is that they are not always published in the early part of the year but are distributed throughout the year.
You can however find out about changes in the nautical charts on the website of the Netherlands Hydrographic Service via the Notices to Mariners.

Sport boat charts of the Netherlands Hydrographic Service

The Hydrographic Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy informs mariners about shipping routes the seabed and underwater hazards such as shipwrecks. For this purpose the Hydrographic Service compiles nautical charts carefully records the maritime borders of the Netherlands and carries out depth measurements. For recreational navigation 7 sets of nautical charts are published each of which covers a section of the coast


If you value topicality in nautical charts you should rather opt for the NV ChartsNL3. This is published annually in March and is therefore usually much more up-to-date than the 1800 nautical charts. In addition with NV Charts you get a monthly correction service for 1 year over the summer months.

Area preview

With the help of our area preview, you can get an impression of which geographical region the product deals with or which areas a nautical chart covers.

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