Shell Channel Pilot

Tom Cunliffe

Chart ID: IB0202-1
Edition: 04/2021
Edition Date: 31.03.2021


Product number: 22339
Manufacturer product number: IB0202-1


English Channel Cruising Guide

The "Shell Channel Pilot" cruising guide is suitable for all water sports enthusiasts who wish to explore the English Channel on both the French and English sides. It covers the south coast of England from Lands End and the Isles of Scilly in the west to North Foreland in the east. The north coast of France is included from Dunkirk to Ile Ouessant at the tip of Brittany and the Channel Islands are not to be missed. The book contains a lot of useful information about the Channel as well as descriptions of the ports in France and England. It also features aerial photographs and map sections of the ports described. The 400-plus pages also include useful contact details and climatic features of the region.

The junction of the Atlantic and the North Sea

The English Channel is a fascinating area in terms of landscape and climate with special conditions. For water sports enthusiasts it is helpful to have dealt with the sometimes unique currents and tides of this region. There is a lot to offer on both coasts especially Brittany and Cornwall are popular destinations for tourists.

The Shell Channel Pilot is in English the latest edition is from 2021.

Autor: Tom Cunliffe
Format: Hardcover / gebunden
Region: Europa, Englischer Kanal, Nordsee, Atlantik, Frankreich Atlantik
Sprache: Englisch
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