North Sea Passage Pilot

Brian Navin

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This product will be released on 29 June 2022

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Southern North Sea passage guide with passage routes for traversing this challenging tidal area between the English east coast and the west coasts of the Netherlands and Belgium.

The North Sea Passage Pilot by Brian Navin is now in its revised sixth edition. It covers the challenging tidal area between the Strait of Dover and the traffic separation areas to the German Bight in the southern North Sea. The sea area is heavily trafficked by large ships and is further narrowed by the new wind farms along the coasts. The area guide gives a good overview and then deals with the special features of the individual coastal sections with all the necessary details.
Including details of the new wind farms in the Thames Estuary and off the Belgian and Dutch North Sea coasts. In recent years numerous traffic separation areas have been changed . The current courses and rules can be found in the corresponding chapters.

Practically prepared area information on 235 pages with numerous photos and map sections. Text in English. Softcover in DinA4 format. 2018


The North Sea Passage Pilot provides valuable information on the rivers and harbours on both sides of the North Sea and the passages between these coasts.

North Sea Pasage Pilot for the Southern North Sea


The first section presents general information about the North Sea as well as trip planning basics.

  • Section I. General
    1. Introduction
    2. The southern North Sea
    3. Passage organising and planning

The second section presents in detail the local characteristics of each section. At the beginning there are route notes for crossings of the North Sea from England to the continent.

  • Section II. Pilotage
    1. Passages
    2. Norfolk & Suffolk cost from Cromer to Orfordness
    3. Suffolk & Essex coast and rivers from Orfordness to the Naze
    4. The Essex coast and rivers from the Naze to Foulness
    5. The Thames Estuary from Foulness to North Foreland
    6. Dover Strait
    7. The French & Belgian coast from Gravelines to Zeebrugge
    8. The Schelde Delta
    9. Noord and Zuid Holland

Finally there is an appendix with among other things.with location index current maps GMDSS information and other information.

Autor: Brian Navin
Format: Hardcover / gebunden
Size: Softcover
Sprache: Englisch
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