Crossing the Thames Estuary

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Crossing the Thames Estuary

60 routes covering most passages across the Thames Estuary.

The problem with planning passage across the Thames Estuary is that each route consists of a number of different sectors that require a change of course and often meet the tide at a different angle.For many crossing the estuary on a single favourable tide will be impossible so a compromise is required.Countercurrent? At what point will a flood have the least negative impact? For some the depth of water above the sand will be critical. In Crossing the Thames Estuary 63 routes to cross the Thames are described with following information

  • Sector details - straight line data in degrees (T) and distances
  • Waypoint details - by lat/long and a brief general description.
  • Maps for each route
The unique feature of the book is the passage planning tables. These are very helpful as each route is effectively a series of different sectors that require a change of course and often meet the tide or currents at a different angle. In English.

Product info:

Publisher: Imray
Author: Roger Gaspar
Edition: 3rd ed. Edition 2022
ISBN: 9781786793195
Binding: Spiral binding and softcover

Passage Planing
More helpful pubications:
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Author: Roger Gaspar
Format: Spiralbindung
Language: Englisch
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