Bloc Côtier : Atlantique


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The "Bloc Côtier" is the reduced version of the "Bloc Marine".

In this book, you will find precise information about port areas, safety at sea and legal regulations. It contains port plans and also a section with detailed maps for the French coast.

This detailed book covers all ports on the French Atlantic coast. But the south coast of Great Britain is also completely represented, from Penzance to Ramsgate, and additionally to the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands. Those looking for ports in Belgium will also find them in this Bloc Côtier. The north coast of Spain is covered from the French border to the port of Santander. The respective descriptions are also enhanced with precise aerial photographs of the ports.

The Bloc Côtier Atlantique also contains tide tables and information on currents in the regions. Meteorological explanations and maritime safety advice are also included in this book.

Publication date:
The Bloc Côtier Atlantique is published annually as a new edition, usually towards the end of December. It is in French, but with short texts in English.

Format: Softcover / Taschenbuch
Region: Frankreich, Atlantik, Frankreich Atlantik
Sprache: Französisch

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