Secret Anchorages of Brittany

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A detailed cruising guide to Brittany in France

The cruising guide "Secret Anchorages of Brittany" is suitable for all water sports enthusiasts planning a trip to Brittany. It covers the entire region in the west of France from the Cap de la Hague in the north to the mouth of the Loire in the south. The book includes descriptions of the natural anchorages along the Brittany coast and countless other tips for the region. The anchorages on the rivers estuaries and offshore islands are also dealt with in detail. On the almost 300 pages "every nook and cranny" is looked into. The authors insider tips include anchorages in Saint-Malo at Mont St. Michel at the Sept Iles and in the Golfe de Morbihan.

The unique coast of Brittany is characterised by mystical landscapes wide beaches wild cliffs and historic harbours. Numerous scenic bays and islands in the region are just waiting to be discovered. Unjustly this region has been relatively unknown to German tourists and water sports enthusiasts until now. If you are not yet familiar with the area and would like to venture into these unknown waters you will certainly not be disappointed!

Author: Peter Cumberlidge
Format: Hardcover / gebunden
Language: Englisch
Region: Europa, Englischer Kanal, Atlantik, Frankreich Atlantik
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